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rental tents - 7 types of rental tents for your next meeting or party

by:COSCO     2019-08-29
There are various types and sizes for rent tents.
Just as Microsoft offers customers a variety of products, tent and special event rental companies are also constantly increasing their inventory and trying new products according to customer needs.
Although there are dozens of tent styles on the market, they can all be divided into seven different types. 1.
European style CLEARSPAN tent: this type of tent is identified by its boxbeam design, A-
Formed support structure and its lack of any internal support or external connectiondowns (guy-lines).
It is designed for short and long termterm rentals (
Days to years)
With minimal maintenance, it is the strongest and most durable tent in the rental market.
Its rent is usually higher than any other style of tent, but since it started using in the USS.
Thirty years ago, it quickly became the main rental tent for various purposes.
The transparent span tent is modular in size from 100 square feet to 100,000 square feet.
The European style is by far the most popular tent to rent or sell in the United States, as it is very practical and easy to install. 2.
Curved-beam CLEARSPAN frame tent: curved-beam clear span tent has many of the same features as European-style, but adopts a curved-beam support structure instead of a classic a-frame.
The curved beam style is used by most smaller leasing companies and is not particularly popular. 3. TENSION TENTS (
Single Center Bar)
: This tent is characterized by the use of constant tension on all fabrics (
Not just support bands)
It is an integral part of tent design and engineering.
The traditional tension tent has inner rods and outer plates
The line for support can be made in various shapes and sizes.
The single center bar design only requires a row of center bars to run down the center of the tent. TENSION TENTS (
Double center bar)
: This type of tension tent is used in addition to two (twin)
A row of central poles allows for a much larger tent. 5. FRAME TENTS (hip roof style)
: Frame tents are made of round aluminum tubes and steel fittings that create a frame that connects the fabric roof.
The frame carries the load and the fabric just acts as a weather barrier.
Frame tents are usually smaller, ranging from 100 square feet to 3,200 square feet. 6. FRAME TENTS (
Top type)
: Similar to the tent in the hip roof style, except that it features a beautiful pointed roof. 7.
Pole tent: pole tent is a circus-style tent that we traditionally think.
It\'s supported by a pole, through guy-
Lines and bets
It is still widely used, but it is losing its favor for tension and transparent tents due to various reasons such as design, size, strength and weather resistance.
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