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Research and development production of big awning room have any requirements on the price

by:COSCO     2020-09-11
With outdoor activities at the planning is more and more big, now the tent area for many activities demand also increases, then often large span awning room specification requirements can be used to supply to meet to the activity tent area of space, for the large span tent house price is high? specification for normally is the most important elements of the tent price for impact, large span awning room area of specification in addition to want to use more material. But due to bear larger wind resistance or bearing, think to ensure the safety of the awning room, should choose more high than small span two specifications of aluminum alloy material, so in the capital of large span frame tent is more expensive than conventional awning room, but related to traditional architecture, so the interior space of large area, awning room is still have an advantage on price. Often tent now for a regular supply of awning room span in 3 - 60 meters, different span of frame tent can choose different specifications for the material, and in some special demand also needs technical department supply exclusive solution, so large span tent house price in the case of not clear specification and demand is difficult to have a specific offer. On short-term demand large span area awning room space activities, often a can also supply tent rental for ways to save more capital activities, so overall long-span awning room price is not high. Because of the large span awning room no matter for technical is still has a large demand on the security, so it is best to choose to have the strength of large tent manufacturer, often a as a tent manufacturer, for domestic large awning room has more than ten years research and development production experience, professional technical team can customize for you the tent solution for all kinds of large span, the biggest can supply 80 meters even single span of awning room program, meet the demand of your awning room together.
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