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rob ford to take a ‘break’ after new revelations

by:COSCO     2019-08-24
For the second time in more than a year, Mayor Rob Ford was photographed smoking what appeared to be a crack of cocaine.
According to a video stills posted online by The Globe and Mail, Ford\'s right hand holds a tube that looks like a small metal crack, in a frame, squinting through the direction of the camera or mobile phone.
Ford announced on Wednesday that he will take a break from the mayor and run for re-election.
When the people closest to him acknowledged his \"drug abuse problem\", opponents called on him to resign --
And apologize.
In the second exposure, the Toronto Sun released the mayor\'s audio, apparently drunk and captured at the Etobicoke bar.
Ford\'s swearing and nasty comments on several municipal and provincial politicians can be heard.
\"I have a problem with alcohol and the choices made under this influence.
I have been working on this for some time, \"Ford said in a statement posted by email before 11. m. Wednesday.
\"Today, after taking some time to think about my own problems --
How best to serve the people of Toronto, and what is best in the interests of my family, I decided to take time off from the campaign and in my position as mayor to seek immediate help.
Ford went on to say that he tried to solve the problems himself, but admitted that he needed the help of a professional.
He did not mention drug use.
According to The Global Mail, the video was shot in the basement of Ford\'s sister Kathy Ford.
She has also struggled with addiction herself.
Ford\'s friends, former drivers and so-called drug dealers Alexander Sandro Risi were present, according to the newspaper.
It is reported that the video is for sale, but it is not clear if anyone has paid the asking price --
The world is talking about \"at least six numbers.
In the recording, Ford can be clearly heard talking about the candidate against the mayor, as well as Karen Stantz, a former political ally. “I’d like to f---
\"Ing interfered with her,\" Ford once mentioned Stintz in the audio released by the sun.
Then: \"I can\'t talk like this. . .
I\'m sorry. I forgot a woman at home.
According to The Sun, the audio was recorded on a drunken night in Suli Gorman on Monday --
A strip mall bar on Royal York Road.
Only three miles from the mayor\'s Dr. Edenbridge.
The bungalows are often with Ford and Reese.
Ford can also be heard talking about Mayor candidate Olivia Zhou, Liberal prime minister Catherine Wayne and provincial Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak-
He criticized his support for raising the flag of pride in Queen\'s Park during the Olympic Games, in solidarity with the Russian gay community. “I said no . . . bulls---.
Then they said they went to Queen\'s Park and they said no, Tim Hudak came out and said yes, I agree with all the gay . . . . . . . That’s it.
I lost my conservative value.
Ford continued: \"No, they went. Gay organizations went to Queen\'s Park . . . . . . In Queen\'s Park, you have to have every member vote for it.
No, no, no, Tim said, you know, that\'s right.
Right there, he lost my vote.
One more thing: \"I can\'t vote for liberals because I don\'t like what Wayne does, not because she\'s gay or because she\'s not gay, I just don\'t like corruption . \"
\"These two records are at least the sixth and seventh records that Ford acted improperly or looked intoxicated during his tenure as mayor. More about the stars.
COM: Rob Ford used cocaine on wild night, witnesses said Rob Ford was out of date and had to resign: JamesRob Ford\'s statement made Twitter ablazeMayor Rob Ford release
Rob Ford\'s day off: The New apparently cracked video of DiMannoThe appeared less than a year after the release of Star and American filmsS.
Gawker, the site, revealed the first video Ford appeared to smoke.
Toronto police have revealed they have recovered the video, which is believed to have been shot at a famous crack house at 15 Windsor Road.
As part of a massive investigation into gang activities called the Voyager program.
A side-by-side investigation called the Tizen 2 project investigated the mayor\'s activities and colleagues.
Ford initially denied the video and denied smoking.
Even when he admitted using crack in November, he said he just \"tried --
He repeatedly tried to deny that he was an addict or had a problem with substance abuse.
However, he failed to deliver on his sober promise of continuous development.
Said he went through a \"come-to-
At the moment of Jesus, he even promised to quit drinking.
But in his January film, he cursed the police chief in the Jamaican dialect, in St. Louis.
Patrick\'s weekend, apparently in the summer, was a violent murder;
He later claimed in a legal document that the murder rant was a poor imitation of his performance of professional wrest hands.
When nbc today\'s Matt Lauer was asked on February if he had used fast gram or other illegal drugs since their last speech on November, Ford declined to answer directly.
When he was asked again in time, he rushed out of the Town Hall press conference.
The new video will test the loyalty of his unusual loyalty base, which for a small-
In the frame tent movement, he made little effort to win new supporters.
Ford\'s approval rating has been around 40, and polls show that he has maintained voting support for the population for about the first quarter.
It was enough for him to be competitive in a race where he voted in three ways.
But because he couldn\'t reach many people.
Half to 60 people told pollsters that they would never consider voting for him --
Even a small drop in base support could undermine his chances.
Ford adjusted his wording as he tried to control people\'s expectations of his behavior.
His original lofty wish was replaced by a new word: \"I am not perfect;
I\'m not the perfect person.
He tried to focus on the financial success he claimed, saying that his actions were \"personal\" and did not matter.
His rivals are reluctant to be seen as too negative and refuse to disclose his scandal.
But the latest recording will make his behavior notable.
This may be a boon to John Tolley, who is ready to attract voters who support Ford\'s fiscal conservatism but are tired of surrounding his plays.
David sauknach, who called on Ford to resign, argued that he was low
The key conservatives the city needs.
Olivia Zhou, who did not comment on Wednesday night, thinks she will end Ford\'s \"Circus \".
\"No one will come to me,\" Ford said in the audio . \".
\"I have everything under control. ”“I’m f---
I\'m tired of politics, man, look at my records and I\'ll win. ”Ford’s long-
Dennis Morris, time criminal lawyer, told the Star that Ford would not quit the game.
\"He\'s doing what I think most people thought was right a few months ago.
\"At that time he thought he shouldn\'t have done that, and now I think he\'s aware of that, so it\'s a good step,\" Morris said on Wednesday night . \".
Morris did not know how long Ford planned to be absent or what kind of treatment he would receive.
It is not clear when Ford\'s leave will begin, as the mayoral candidate has quickly begun in the race for the top seat.
\"I don\'t think he will fly somewhere at midnight,\" Morris said . \".
\"I think it\'s fresh and maybe people will recommend all sorts of things and we will fix it.
Morris said Ford did not mention the recordings in their conversation, but he said that the events of the past few days caused such disruption.
\"I think the public is aware that he may face something --
The problem of abuse was not recognized to them.
Finally, the recognition of the problem is the first step in recovery.
He went on to say, \"If (the recording)
Is accurate, then this is the reason for asking for leave. . .
He just thinks it\'s time.
It is said that something has happened in the past few days and I think he realized that it is time to solve these difficulties.
Stintz responded to her comments in a public campaign statement and in an interview with Star.
\"The comments released tonight by Mayor Rob Ford are very offensive to everyone living in Toronto.
It is disgusting that the incumbent mayor will make such shocking and paranoid remarks, \"the statement said.
\"This is not the first time Rob Ford has made a comment that hates women.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who have been giving Rob Ford passes all the time.
Stintz told the star it was time for Ford to get the help he and his family needed.
\"I think it\'s expired.
I hope he can get the help he needs for his own health and for the benefit of his family.
She said she did not see a new so called cracked video record and was unable to comment.
\"I can\'t believe the video prompted the action.
I wouldn\'t guess what made the mayor realize he needed some help.
Stintz asked for \"full apology\" in her email statement \".
\"On Wednesday night, other front-runners in the mayoral campaign handled the new scandal differently.
Zhou\'s camp said she would not comment on Wednesday night, but would make a statement on Thursday.
\"Personally, I was relieved that Mayor Ford was helped.
\"I have an idea for the Ford family,\" John Tory said in an email statement . \".
\"Like the torotonians of the whole city, I am deeply disappointed by these revelations of Mayor Ford\'s actions.
For the benefit of the city, I call on Mayor Ford to resign.
Candidate David Soknacki also issued a statement condemning Ford and calling for his resignation.
\"Rob Ford is not just a bad mayor.
He\'s also a shame.
Toronto cannot wait until October.
Written in the statement.
Members of Parliament participated in the scandal online.
Gloria Lindsay Luby, a member of Etobicoke, wrote on Twitter: \"It\'s time for the Ford couple . \" He also mentioned Doug Ford, the mayor\'s brother and campaign manager.
\"Ford may return to health, but will not cure his racism, homophobic, homophobic, and long-standing tendency to break the law within 30 days,\" Senator Kristin-
Wang Tan tweeted
\"At this point, anything less than resigning is too little, too late,\" MP Jay Robinson wrote on Twitter . \".
Wynne and Hudak could not be reached immediately for comment.
Provincial NDP Leader Andrea Howorth said in an email statement that she welcomed Ford\'s decision to take a vacation.
\"Take a break and it takes courage to deal with his health problems,\" she said . \".
\"I wish him and his family all the best.
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