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Take you know tent characteristics and advantages of performance for the auto show

by:COSCO     2020-09-16
In our traditional knowledge, the exhibition is held in indoor exhibition hall in the majority. In this age now, however, followed the development of professional awning room, auto show awning room utilization rate is higher and higher, many businesses will indoor exhibitions moved to the wild, not only can attract more customers, can also with more and more close to nature. In addition, show the special advantage of awning room what? Auto show awning room also is actually exhibition awning room, general is herringbone roof structure. First, the auto show net awning room of choice is a large span structure, internal WuZhiZhu, space utilization rate as high as one hundred percent. And if not found space, still can be on the basis of the original infinite extension to expand the space, useful to deal with the problem of indoor pavilion area lack of. And the broad show awning room not only convenient to people in and out, even large mechanical equipment in and out is no pressure. Second, the function is as good as indoor exhibition hall. Now almost every frame tent manufacturer for auto show awning room equipment is very complete equipment, whether the lamp ornaments, carpet, air conditioning, such as equipment, is still the drainage, ventilation system, such as, can make the auto show awning room's function is more and more strong, can fully and indoor exhibition hall. Else, we most care is auto show awning room price. We all know that the cost of building a pavilion precious, and all kinds of marking procedure's mad; And auto show of awning room construction capital is lower more than a little pavilion, and if use cycle is shorter, can also adopt methods to hold activity on loan, so the price will be lower.
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