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Teach you how to choose the suitable outdoor products exhibition tent

by:COSCO     2020-08-16
At present a lot of small and medium-sized fairs held outdoors, and some large trade fair also often because of indoor venues are low and need to be increased in the outdoor venues, so in many cases need exhibition tent, how to choose the large exhibition tent specifications? The activities of the trade fair is relatively large, so use the frame tent with conventional simple tents are not the same, but adopt aluminum alloy material fabricated awning room, so fair tents in size will have a lot of choices. If it is to choose to buy the way, the current fair tents awning in span ( The width) Can choose 3 - on 60 meters, but like 40 - 60 meters of large span ability to provide some of the biggest manufacturers, and there is no limit on the length, can be unlimited extension of the interval of 5 meters, if is one of the ways leasing can only select 5 meters from the range interval of general specification! For some large or large trade fair, due to the more the number of merchants and exhibition, so often used the awning room of large area space, says there tend to be more recommendation: use as 30 - 50 meters of large span to create thousands of square of large exhibition venues, exhibition tents for the large size, high side also has corresponding improvement, lease routine is 6 metres high, but large-span specifications such as 50 meters and 8 meters high side to choose from. And exhibition tent rental prices are not high, the price shall be calculated according to the size and configuration needs to! For small and medium-sized trade fair, due to size of the space is not too big, suggested that generally like 5 - says there tent 20 meters of the specifications of the span is more appropriate, while the length according to the actual demand of the venue selection, and high on conventional edge is 4 meters high, basic can satisfy the normal use of ordinary fairs, of course if there are special circumstances need higher edge higher, says there can also provide 6 meters high side of the exhibition awning room! In simple terms, the current exhibition tent optional basic can cover all kinds of practical application of the specifications of the requirements, whether you need hundreds of square or thousands of tens of thousands of square of the expo venue space, says there will be able to provide you with the appropriate awning room specifications and preferential price.
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