Teach you how to from these three aspects to identify the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor aluminum awning room

by:COSCO     2020-08-16
As tent rental for outdoor activities on the market the demand increases, awning room industry has sprung up tent manufacturer for a number of different size, but it also created a situation of awning room are of variable quality, the enterprise in the face of numerous tent manufacturer for choice, how to judge the awning room quality has become a big problem to many customers. Actually unlike awning room inside the machine precision, no matter from accessories to the steel can be covered by some methods to identify strengths and weaknesses. manufacturing says there has been more than 10 years of experience, today we will begin from three factors to judge quality stand or fall of a tent. Awning homeowners if the tent frame, tarpaulins, awning room for the three elements of form a complete set, to determine whether two quality stand or fall will begin from these three factors. framework for judgment: at present, a lot of frame tent framework for aluminum alloy frame, main effect is to support the tent, the tent can strong solid, use of judgment is the main factor of the thickness of the aluminum profile, hardness and surface treatment. Inferior framework: generally the market price low awning room, are from the thickness of the aluminum alloy cutting costs, as the profiles of 2. 5 cm thickness of aluminum alloy, only applicable to small tent, and security, the wind resistance is not high. Even a small factory is to use iron frame tents, poor ability to resist the wind, but the profile is easy to rust, fault, not appropriate as a tent material! framework for quality framework: says there is a T6061 aluminum profile, aluminum alloy thickness more than 5 cm, hardness of 15 hw, this specification is for the security of awning room offers great protection. And all aluminum surface through specialized processing, make its beautiful shape, not easy to be corroded, life can even be as long as 20 years! : analysis on the quality of an important standard is the density of longitude and latitude, the higher the density, strength is, the better, is the quality is better. Had better hand when detecting tarpaulins try softness, look from the material quality is a good idea. Inferior tarpaulins: in order to save costs, small manufacturer also save tarpaulins specifications, uv protection, waterproof tarpaulins in this way performance has a great influence, and single tarpaulins pervious to light, easily to indoor lighting. And inferior retraction of the flame retardant performance is rather poor, under the stimulus of fire burns easily, awning room safety not guaranteed! Quality tarpaulins: tent adopted by tarpaulins general specification for says there are 650 grams/square meters, the high density specification to provide good tear resistance to tarpaulins, material is choose double PVC fiber cloth, can prevent ultraviolet light, waterproof, flame retardant, resistance to the wind, and tarpaulins super white and opaque surface gloss, flame retardant performance for the B1 level/M2, far more superior than other frame tent on safety! of form a complete set for judgment, awning room supporting roughly six big series, including walls, floor, furniture, lamps and lanterns, cloth art, and other comprehensive supporting. Quality tent manufacturer is will provide complete supporting for your tent, and according to your needs to provide comprehensive and perfect matching scheme. As we provide one-stop service says there, awning room configuration, we also from soup to nuts. Inferior frame tent manufacturer will only blindly cater to demand at a lower price, don't tube material is safe, also won't tube humanization after-sales, almost all is a one-time deal.
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