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Temporary outdoor activities aluminum alloy tent 2 special design for double performance in where

by:COSCO     2020-08-18
Large activities will tend to be selected in the open ground and grass, which can also provide more ideas and thoughts. This time, our customer want to in Australia for an opera activities to create a temporary frame tent of outdoor activities. Australia client for temporary frame tent is very strict for outdoor activities, through our analysis of the site and many years of experience, we designed the awning room this temporary aluminum alloy large outdoor activities. The temporary aluminum outdoor tent unlike regular awning room for activities, including the particularity of roughly divided into two parts. The first part is the temporary frame tent is adopted for aluminum alloy large-scale activities outdoor awning room structure of two layers, the first layer is to create a rest area, provide a place for guests to rest and recreation, including the first layer are connected by a full glass of reception room and outside the gate, in order to better meet the guests. The second floor is the place that opera activities, we fabricated with supporting good opera bench, offering one-stop service for our guests. The second part of the particularity of the performance in the internal structure, because it is opera activities, we consulted the vibration and sound effect, improved our temporary aluminum alloy large outdoor activities of awning room internal structure, to ensure stability and safety under the premise of reducing redundant center support, increase every surface radian, raise their voices echo rate. Second, our outdoor temporary big awning room is made of glass and aluminum alloy PVC wai cloth are through strict test, wind resistance and sound insulation sex is extremely strong, specifications and certificates can contact our online customer service. Says there's a tent is after our many years of experience and for the guest's requirements, we also provides one-stop service and additional fabricated awning room, let you can enjoy the most convenient service.
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