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ten cheap wedding ideas

by:COSCO     2020-07-16
For budget brides, here are ten cheap wedding ideas for you!
It is possible to hold a wonderful, unforgettable and beautiful wedding at a low price!
All you need to do is be creative!
Think outside the box!
Give you ten cheap tents wedding ideas: 1.
Delete the guest list!
The more guests you spend on food, drinks, invitations, offers, etc. 2.
Have a unique tents wedding theme
Take part in a picnic wedding, a Luo wedding, a movie theater wedding, a roller derby wedding, etc.
A unique wedding theme may give you ideas about unique wedding locations, food, and more.
It may also be cheaper. 3.
Spend less on your clothes!
There is a big difference between $800 and $100.
Cheap wedding dresses can really cut your budget!
And you only wear it once! 4. Do a lottery (
Valuable Prizes)
Get friends and family to punch in your wedding
$10 for each ticket! 5.
To get cheap wedding offers instead of traditional ones, donate the money to charity and write it off as a tax. 6.
Instead of bouquets, brides and bridesmaids use a single flower.
Much cheaper than flower arrangement! 7.
Don\'t want to spend a lot of money on the cake?
How about a desert table?
Have friends and family to bake for you! 8.
Can\'t a photographer or cameraman afford it?
Let friends and family take pictures and videos! 9.
Different views on catering
BBQ, finger food, pizza, grilled cheese, desert reception, cocktail party, etc. 10.
Serve your own wine
If you are not locked in the bar package, you can provide your own drinks to get the deal!
In addition, there is an extra tip: think about cheap tents wedding invitations outside the box: print or make it yourself, make postcards, really get use from your wedding website, make digital invitations, video invitation.
Just be creative!
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