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tent city for migrant children puts texas border town in limelight

by:COSCO     2019-08-07
Jon huskowitz Torillo, Texas (Reuters)-
A small farming community in Texas near El Paso, with no traffic lights, a cotton gin and two dollar stores, found themselves playing an uncomfortable American hostS.
Government tent city suspected of illegally crossing the border.
In a quiet corner of Texas, vast desert space, dusty roads and cotton fields, Torillo was pushed into the spotlight when the first tents rose last week.
The tent city has been strongly protested at home and abroad against the Trump administration\'s policy of separating parents and children after families illegally crossed the Mexican border.
President Donald Trump resolutely defended the policy and tried to accuse Democrats that, despite his administration\'s strict compliance with immigration laws, he changed course on Wednesday, sign an executive order to end the separation.
The order requires immigrant families to be detained together when they are found to be illegally entering the country, although it is not clear the time of detention.
A local congressman said that there are only \"unaccompanied minors\" in Torillo prison, but it is not clear whether they were arrested without adults or with their parents after they were arrested.
Republican Congressman Will HurdS.
The house, including Tornillo, said in comments prepared by his office that \"these types of tent cities will not rise without new policies \".
Hurd said in a social media post last week that \"we should not use children as a deterrent, simple and clear,\" and he visited the facilities near the border crossing.
In a statement issued by his office, he said it looks safe and works well.
Each tent can accommodate 20 children and two adults.
The camp is currently 16 and 17 years old. year-
Old Boys, said Hurd.
Travel with parents, and then children separated at the time of adult arrest are at the center of the current storm.
In the town of Torillo, 30 miles (about 1,600 people)50 km)
In the southeast of El Paso, with a large Latino population, it is difficult to find anyone willing to support this policy.
Rosy Vega said: \"I hope Tornillo will not be remembered nationwide as a town because there are children\'s tents there
Barrio, director, Independent School District, Tornillo.
There is no government or a police station in Tornillo.
After Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on April that the government would sue all immigrants arrested while crossing the United States, family separation began. S. -
Illegal border of Mexico
When parents are detained for trial, their children are transferred to the government --
Managing facilities, this separation seems to be coming to an end with Trump\'s new orders.
A government official said that if the families were caught illegally crossing the border, the order would require them to be detained together. Vega-
A county official described the detention center as a \"mini-prison\" to her, Mr. Barrio said\"
Prison \"and told her that the children there would not go to the school in Tornillo.
This facility is a different world, far away from the town, made up of people living in other places.
Reuters aerial photos show almost double the tent area, home nearly monthly tents from Monday to Thursday, each with air conditioning, hovering over 100 degrees Fahrenheit against the hot summer (38 Celsius)daily.
Accompanied by guards, children can be seen walking in the facilities, where portable toilets and showers are set up.
Last week, children were seen playing football on the ground baked by the ruthless sun.
The bird view map shows that a lawn playground is being built.
According to the children\'s and family administration of the United States, the tent has bunk bedsS.
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
This helps to run the facility.
It doesn\'t let the media see it.
HHS did not respond to requests for comment on the camp, which Hurd said could accommodate up to 400 children. U. S.
Immigration officials have experience in setting up tent cities at the facility, which was used in 2016 when immigrants from Central America tried to enter the United States, the United StatesS.
The Customs and Border Protection Bureau said.
Before o\'lock in the United StatesS.
The Democratic representative of El Paso said,S.
Government officials stopped him from seeing the children live in the camp.
He protested the separation policy in prison on Sunday.
\"They let you come to the front door as a congressman, but they don\'t let you see the children,\" he said . \".
For 25 years, 60-year-old Josie pogozerski has lived in a house a few yards away from the immigration agency, which has been on the fence and has no trouble for her.
\"I didn\'t know what was going on next door until I saw it on TV this morning,\" she said Tuesday . \". (
Reports from Jon herkowitz;
Edited by Frank mcgardy, Francis Kerry and Lisa shumick)
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