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by:COSCO     2020-09-08
When it comes to auto show, there are a lot of activities in recent years exhibition is conducted in the open air, and auto show awning room became important carrier activities. Auto show tent can not only for the car from the rain, prevent sun, and the active side can also print on the tent outside the tent for auto show activity advertising, to strengthen activity promotion effect, provide activities benefit. Then show tent in the activity for a what kind of effect? What are the advantages of auto show awning room? ( - for says there ) for the auto show First, tent in activities for the auto show can have the effect of an eye-catching, can guide consumers to watch. In addition, the auto show awning room is temporary, activities, and mobility. Can be according to the requirement of the active side in many places for structures, disassembly, often referred to as the temporary frame tent. And tarpaulins can get into the open, convenient traffic access, can very good use of auto show awning room interior space, very suitable for often make activities of businesses or business use. Secondly, tent is safe for the auto show, general motor show tent framework for aluminum profile is used, to ensure security at the same time also is novel and attractive, high quality low price, etc. Tarpaulins also USES double insulation materials, can achieve the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation, this is also a lot of the exhibition activities tent one of the reasons for choice. ( - for says there ) for the auto show Then show tent rental price for how many money? At most 3 - generally show activities Held for five days, because of its cycle is short, so choose the merchants of frame tent rental for the auto show is more, compared with the price in construction also greatly saves a lot of traditional architecture. But the auto show awning room rental prices still need to be decided according to the actual situation, such as: size, supporting facilities, etc. Awning room or if you want to rent car storage awning room and other types of awning room, welcome to call the changzhou says there awning room, we will according to your requirements, for you to have a beautiful show awning room, add a color to your activities.
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