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Tent - for the hotel Tourism industry nova: hotel awning room or become priorities

by:COSCO     2020-08-24
For travelers, in addition to select tourist destination and travel, accommodation is also a lot of people a bit more attention. Now, in order to attract more tourists, a lot of scenic spots are covered in various characteristics of hotel room. The hotel awning room, just as its name implies is to set up a tent to use as a hotel, more secure than ordinary outdoor scenic spot tents, experience is also higher. On the choice of to build the terrain, the hotel awning room for its requirement is lower, under a lot of the natural environment can be easily set up. is also belong to the modular architecture for the hotel, all parts are complete in tent manufacturer's factory, and then transported to the scene to build, building process of the natural ecological environment destruction rate is extremely low, especially very accord with the present tourism industry for the construction of the concept. In terms of safety, compared with the simple awning room hotel tents, has the very good experience. All frameworks hollow profile is also of high strength aluminum alloy material, join point connection using the steel parts, beautiful shape and will not rust, corrosion service life can be up to 30 years. In addition, tarpaulins use PVC coating, have fight windshield rain, prevent bask in flame retardant, surface cleaning, etc. Outdoors, the tent can resist 8 - for the hotel 10 magnitude of strong winds, guarantee the hotel perfect awning room in the outdoor is not affected by the weather, and very safe. Now in the tourism industry, the emergence of awning room hotel for tourists have a certain appeal, for scenic camp is also a super potential development direction. Said although the hotel awning room capital cost is not low, but compared with the traditional reinforced concrete structure of resort hotel, the hotel frame tent not only cost low, but also has many characteristics, such as tear open a shortcut for traditional construction of the hotel. In addition, the hotel tent there are many options for configuration, such as: wall cloth with transparent PVC Windows, anchor nails, pillar bearing plate, smallpox interior wall, glass curtain wall, glass, ABS hardware, transparent frame tent and wall cloth, the floor system, sink, functions and USES no less traditional hotel. Therefore, in the present, in the future, the hotel awning room will become the focus of the tourism industry development.
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