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Tent - for the wedding Tent choose what size to suit for the wedding?

by:COSCO     2020-09-18
Now many young people abandon the hotel wedding, more and more yearning outdoor tents wedding. This not only can satisfy the requirement of the new romantic and happy wedding, also can give the relatives and friends to attend the leave a good impression. Choose outdoor wedding couple more and more, which makes the wedding frame tent industry more and more popular, but the market on a wide range of wedding tent size should be selected for much more appropriate? ( - for says there The wedding tent) banquet, wedding is the most conventional or herringbone roof wedding tent. Because of canopy room generally net with large span structure, internal without pillars, space to good use. In the span of choice, can 3 - 50 m, the length can be according to the multiples of 5 meters is. Equipped with romantic cloth curtain walls, glass, etc. , can add more romantic color for the wedding, whether it's summer or winter can maintain a comfortable temperature. If everyone according to 1. About 8 square area computation, the wedding guests have about 600 people, is about 1000 square meters need wedding tent. So in the tent on the choice of size for the wedding ceremony, you can according to this method calculated. In addition, the boundary select 4 meters high, more than 10 meters high, so that can facilitate the construction of the runway, ensure safety. Says there awning room as a professional structure tent manufacturing company, in the planning of the wedding banquet tent size has a unique design. If you also want to hold a romantic wedding outdoor awning room, you only need to tell us need to accommodate the number of guests, what activities and rest area and site specifications such as information, says there could be recommend suitable for your tent size as well as the supporting facilities for the wedding.
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