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Tent - for the wedding The couple should pay attention to what aspects when choosing wedding tent

by:COSCO     2020-09-18
Influenced by the western wedding, now more and more couples choose outdoor wedding. As a carrier for the entire wedding and structure tent has become more and more popular. Chose wedding tent means that can be held outdoors for a romantic wedding, closer to the nature, let their relatives and friends can also to feel the romantic atmosphere with new people. Outdoor wedding tent price relative to the hotel for the wedding is more affordable, and the tent is not limited by ground and space; In supporting facilities, such as cloth, floral and diet is also no less in the hotel. ( - for says there The wedding frame tent) So the couple should pay attention to what aspects when choosing wedding tent? Must first determine the type of outdoor wedding tent and size: before the wedding, the couple should according to their own actual situation, and the number of guests to attend the wedding, to determine the size of awning room size. In a outdoor wedding choices awning room, wedding awning room more etiquette activities. colorful, more festival, is one of the Chinese people prefer awning room style. and rite is a relatively modern and open, relatively fit western open wedding, new people need to choose according to their own preferences. Second to select the modelling of awning room: the wedding tent generally opt for herringbone canopy room more. Because of canopy room generally adopt clear span structure, internal WuZhiZhu, so on the guest seating arrangements also does not appear crowded. In addition, if you need more fashionable modelling awning room also is some, such as spherical awning room or European pointed canopy room and combined-type tent can be used as wedding tent. ( - for says there Combined-type tent) for the wedding Third newcomer to determine your wedding theme and tone: can the be fond of according to oneself or guest dress in color to decorate, the general use aureate, pink or red some simple color scheme to decorate the wedding. Can also set some topics to the outside of the tent is dressed up, make the whole wedding seem to be very energetic. ( - for says there ) In terms of wedding awning room facilities need to consider fully: such as tent, choose transparent or opaque feeling is not the same, transparent tent can let everybody can feel more and closeness to nature. Other lights, flowers, and other supporting tables and chairs, cloth goods, around you to choose the wedding theme is needed, let your wedding not become 'mix build'. Says there tent company for your tents wedding for advice in this time. The awning room of external decorate still need according to individual be fond of. If you and your wife want to be a special wedding, use your imagination and creativity, says there awning room can provide you with comprehensive wedding tent room design, make your wedding unforgetable.
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