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Tent ground fixed requirement for tent company tells: there are a few points

by:COSCO     2020-09-10
Awning room installation requirements, bear in mind that completes the awning room supporting plate fixed form, with the ground can be stable, sufficient load capacity, can the advantages of the wind rain resistance, belong to is safe to use. But in the professional technology, in order to keep the safe use of for a long time, but the premise must be covered on the surface of the real estate fixed requirements. It's by frame tent company for small make up for the go ahead. 1, awning room fixation should be calculated with the ground or load test to determine its reliability. 2, using a weight fixed way, weight materials according to the regulations on the bearing plate, bearing plate and awning foundations of chassis for connection to the span below 20 m not less than 2 bolts, span not less than 4 bolts, when more than 20 m bearing disk requirements with rubber piece, ensure there is enough friction with the ground, no lateral sliding. 3, using steel fixed, shall be computed according to the need to pull steel anchorage depth, but the minimum anchorage depth is not less than 900 mm, steel diameter shall not be less than 25 ¢. 4, when the expansion bolt is adopted, the ground concrete grade shall not be lower than c20, thickness is not less than 200 mm, the length of the bolt and amount shall be calculated and determined according to the required tension, but the expansion bolt joint the pull strength is not less than 24 kn, not less than 12 mm in diameter, length of not less than 120 mm, quality meet the national standard. 5, frame tent fixed with the ground can be used for the surface of the ballast, the steel anchor, or other reliable fixed way. 6 review, awning room installation to foundation condition, to reinforce when necessary, the local surface have special requirements should be used when the damage type reinforcing way. By above can see, in accordance with the requirements for this 6 PM, can properly meet the awning room support plate with ground fixed requirements, generally see the ground foundation is given priority to, mainly in the evaluation foundation, whether can meet the requirements, and can let the installation personnel professional processing fixed. company tells: for if you are looking for 'awning room ground fixed requirements there are a few points' have any doubt can contact our website online customer service, will serve you the first time. We always adhere to: integrity-based, quality first, the independent innovation;
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