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Tent manufacturer: glass awning room structure form

by:COSCO     2020-08-26
From the appearance of glass awning room, has brought great benefits to each activity, highlight activities having a unique style, also can promote the activities of the class. And glass awning room high-end appearance atmosphere, the applicable scope is wide, as a commercial activity or exhibition, tents wedding, party tents marquees, etc. , in appearance as a prerequisite to add the activity more attractive. But from the professional point of view, glass awning room structure form is the aluminum alloy frame, glass curtain wall and glass door. A: glass curtain wall glass curtain wall can be combined with field required, according to the custom to measure length, from the point of the edge of the transparency of the glass, can improve the indoor light, weather-proof insolation, better control the indoor temperature, there are many kinds of glass curtain wall with different colors to choose. Also can better uv protection, general words more suitable for the outdoor awning room hotel. 2: glass door for glass awning room surrounded by glass curtain wall, so the use of matching glass door will be more beautiful, and the use of glass door, makes it easier, in and out of the sealing is good at the same time, reduce the loss of the air conditioning and central heating. There are also many kinds of door, there is a single and a two-door, and can improve the awning room appearance overall, and perfect shape. Three: aluminum alloy frame which belong to advocate material frame to frame as the main structure, solid and durable, and the advantages of aluminum frame is solid, and can be easy disassembly and build. For wide frame tent manufacturer for the glass awning room is the architecture of the standardized form, is in line with the German technical standard, service life is long, is the place like the glass canopy room use.
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