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Tent outside for aluminum alloy storage warehouse how to effectively avoid fire

by:COSCO     2020-08-20
Large frame tent house is a place for goods and materials centralized storage warehouse, once a fire cause huge economic losses, affect the social various aspects, serious consequences. Says there was a lot of custom frame tent warehouse, logistics and manufacturing enterprises on how to reduce fire hazards, fire safety work has certain experience, for the majority of warehousing customer give me some advice. First analysis the warehouse fire main reasons: 1. Warehouse personnel management, there is faulty, disorderly, heaps, and even alter fire zone, fire separation phenomenon, fire control facilities not complete works, such as part of the warehouse didn't arrange designated personnel to impart on patrol, part of the administrator to eat live in reservoir area, easy to cause fire hazard. 2. Warehouse fire control is lax. Mainly include illegal cutting, unlicensed fire, hot, in violation of regulations operation causes violations when hot, with fire, smoking, loading and unloading operation caused by the fire. 3. Stored warehouse no classification of dangerous goods, chemicals, ventilation cooling condition is poor, poor moistureproof fire prevention, cooling, stacking is not standard, lack of professional knowledge that inventory items happen chemical reaction caused spontaneous combustion, the combustion or explosion. 4. Warehouse management, including warehouse lighting lamps and lanterns chooses improper, not according to stipulations for installation, poor quality of the construction led to light falls off, improper use of high temperature, lighting, lamp set, not to cut off the power supply after using, the radiant heat accumulation and fire. 5. Poor maintenance warehouse lightning protection facilities does not conform to specifications, lightning protection facilities or lightning protection design have a blind spot, in the event of a thunderstorm weather, air, humidity is big, the goods are easily triggered lightning fires. Says there in terms of lighting, the type of store items, lightning protection will be more perfect design, to provide customer green safety storage security hardware foundation. In lighting system design process, for example, in accordance with customer's warehouse kinds illumination requirements, design good lighting corresponding position, wattage, such as hot and cold light source; According to the GB50311 - again 2007 'integrated wiring systems engineering design specifications for reasonable wiring design, choice of electrical material and installation construction, largely to eliminate the fire caused by lighting mismanagement. At the same time, the company should expand storage and the hidden trouble of awning room check list, the safety of the warehouse keeper awning room fire control knowledge training, strengthen the personnel's safety consciousness, and the house of the rolls, search for specialists. In the process of inspection, found a hidden danger to register a, and eliminate the safety hidden danger in time, do do nip in the bud.
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