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tent poles

by:COSCO     2019-08-30
poles are aluminum rods or fiberglass rods used to build tents.
Most of the frame tent poles are foldable and are the parts that are combined by impact --cords.
The glass fiber is lighter and the aluminum is more durable.
The tent pole canopy is characterized by the arrangement of individual Poles under the fabric roof to support and define the shape of the structure.
The fabric roof stretches over the bar and is attached to the ropes and cables at the specified position on the edge of the fabric.
Pole tents are the ancestors of the tent industry. Pole-
Tents are still very popular and are an important part of most tent stocks.
Some of the features and benefits of the pole tent are: The pole is made of 1. 75 \"OD aluminum.
The pole tent is easy to set up. SNYDER 12 oz.
Vinyl resistant to mildew and flame retardant that can withstand wind and rain.
Anode Oxidation, segmented aluminum rod.
Rope for weaving tents for easy installation.
The wooden pile, including the storage bag.
Storm line for all center bar positions.
Side Wall ropes for all tents.
Reinforced bar position. PIPE FRAME-
Like a tent pole.
It stands up the tent.
of assembly frame made of aluminum or steel pipe, supporting the fabric roof and defining the shape of the structure.
The rigid frame allows the tent to be independent without additional support, but requires the same rope or cable anchoring system as the pole
In accordance with the provisions of the applicable fire or building codes, the supporting tent is secured in place. Pipe frame-
Tents are popular for activities that require smaller tents.
If there are any internal obstacles, they also apply to smaller events that require very little because the frame system makes internal support unnecessary. Pipe frame-
There are many styles and sizes of tents and tent poles.
Features of frame tents: 1)
5/8 of welded steel fittings. 2)
Top by 14-Ounce Vinyl. 3)
A2 \"The nickel plating buckle behind the strap is helpful. 4)
Including pin and bottom plate.
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