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Tent products for one tent is multi-purpose, put an end to unused space

by:COSCO     2020-08-26
Universal gradually at present, China's sports, basketball, swimming and football, the games have gradually increased, the demand for sports venues are also increasing, the emergence of the awning room greatly improved the shortage of this phenomenon. Awning room as mobile prefabricated construction, not only can be used as the venue, can also be used as a rest area, dining area and other purposes. Whereas our traditional building stadiums, building library early are generally designed for professional game, function is relatively single, so a lot of the games have been held in idle when there, not very flexible to use. Awning room on the other hand, as a frame tent products for sports, its flexibility is strong. As a new temporary outdoor awning room space, can break the traditional architectural building, quickly put into use. Awning room mainly adopts prefabricated building, all parts are in good tent manufacturer for processing production, transportation can be built directly to set up the scene, not only save the construction time, and set up very not need powder flavour can be put into use. This tent is of high quality aluminum alloy profile is used for sports as a framework, double-sided coated PVC fabric as tarpaulins, not only safety guaranteed, but also relatively more affordable. Especially late if not doing sports event, can also be converted to other activities such as warehousing, tents wedding, conference and exhibition, won't cause space is idle. Even move, we also can be easily removed and branch address, the site doesn't have much requirements, general ground can be set up. Awning room, not only is so easy as you think; Awning room, can use a tent. Put an end to spare space.
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