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Tent set up in which problems need to consider?

by:COSCO     2020-09-09
As a new type of temporary outdoor awning room construction, more and more users, for the customer is looking to purchase in addition to pay attention to the design of awning room, price, use and after-sale, and other factors, the awning room is how to set up and is full of doubts. So in the frame tent set up problems which need to be considered for? Awning room before build, we need to read the relevant specification, check each parts and ensure it is in good condition, to prohibit the construction personnel in the process of building into the field, to prevent the failure of unprofessional brings the problems such as the late use: 1. We need to well before the building site size, and confirm with the client need to use the framework profile details such as specifications; 2. When the awning room set up, need professional personnel or frame tent manufacturer assigned installation instructions for assembling, otherwise the consequence is proud. 3. In tent fixed way need according to different site conditions to select the corresponding fixed way ( Such as fixed, expansion screws, steel bearing plate fixed, embedded parts fixed) Or you could do a lot, awning room unstable; 4. Installation building site need to consider the surrounding environment, such as the buildings around. 5. Customers need to check each parts are in good condition, whether the assembly is firm, form the good habit of regular inspection. To sum up, when we were both in the frame tent set up and dismantle, all need to strictly abide by the relevant provisions, and do a good job security, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.
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