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Tent storage areas you understand?

by:COSCO     2020-09-16
Actually both for industry or some production-oriented enterprises, can use the warehouse. But for a lot of not doing a very good enterprise of warehouse planning, often faces some storage problem. Whenever this time, if we want to have a flexible outdoor space, that it would be great! storage is such a convenient mobile building. So what are you know frame tent storage areas involved? Let us know about the warehouse tents awning room together can solve what problem: a, tent storage can be used to store some lead products or semi-finished products, used for temporary storage, such as some raw materials warehouse, warehouse and so on technical secondary school; Second, storage frame tent can be used to store some long-term storage for finished products, need to meet some requirements such as health, constant temperature; Three, tent storage can also as a workshop or temporary workshop, to protect the enterprise of some of the running of equipment, etc. ; Four, tent storage can be use as a green awning room, conforms to the requirements of environmental protection, prevent dust and noise, and so on and so forth affect the surrounding environment, such as the coal yard; Five, can be used in the logistics industry, used in the logistics process of auxiliary use, this kind of wall can use PVC tarpaulin or ABS and other hardware to build. In addition to the above purpose, storage warehouse tent and many other functions for use, the need to design according to customer's actual situation. manufacturer for says there, of course, also can according to the nature of the goods stored to provide exclusive custom service for the customers and to solve some actual demand for the enterprise.
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