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Tent - storage warehouse Set up storage warehouse tent on the terrain environment requirements for?

by:COSCO     2020-09-24
When the selling season approaching, many enterprises are facing such problems as insufficient storage space, and the face of the off-season need to reduce the storage area, storage warehouse awning room time is needed to help you solve the problem. Storage warehouse awning room has the flexibility, can be change according to different storage requirements. ( 中远- Storage warehouse awning room) Says there store awning room is convenient, has good flexibility and mobility, demand for geographic conditions are not too high, but the most basic is to meet. Then build a storage warehouse awning room what conditions do you need to meet, to build the terrain environment: is there any requirement or notice? 1. First selects the ground level, general can cement floor, but the premise to guarantee the ground could not be destroyed, otherwise plays in the installation of expansion screws and other parts might fall off or out of the ground. 2. If is permanent storage warehouse awning room, can choose to set up on the concrete ground, dig holes in the ground after pouring concrete fixed, this way, the most stable and safe. 3. If it's in the grass or mud structures, awning room, usually need to use a long steel studs on the ground. Otherwise tent is easy to shake. But general storage warehouse tent won't choose to build on the grass, or outdoor lawn tents wedding frame tent awning room and some of the activities for more common. 4. If it is built on the marble and ceramic tile ground, mainly to use bearing plate to pressure the column base plate, and then in the bearing plate of the concrete is placed above or Shi Toukuai the weight to the storage warehouse tent house is fixed. But use bearing plate usually need to occupy a certain space, and beautiful aspect also. That's says there for storage warehouse tent structures, environmental requirements for simple analysis. Awning room, if you need to build storage warehouse to find says there tent manufacturing company, we are professional, will be for your storage warehouse awning room consider very thoughtful.
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