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The composition of the exhibition awning room

by:COSCO     2020-09-17
Awning room gradually widely used, the kind will be much more, the purpose of use is also much more. During the exhibition in the outdoor whether large or small, are used to that you know in exhibition awning room what? Here are together and see it. Exhibition awning room of the main frame is composed of main frame and tarpaulin. Framework is adopted with high intensity aluminum alloy as the main materials, in the framework of links in the after processing of hot dip galvanized parts for materials. Tarpaulins is generally adopts double processed, high-strength polyester yarn made of PVC. This kind of material has excellent characteristics of waterproof, fire prevention, when surface stain is handling is very easy. Exhibition awning room also has a variety of forms, the kinds of internal facilities is also different, so the awning room contains only in the most simple structure is the internal framework and tarpaulin. Style is complex, the awning room with larger area it contains facilities have transparent PVC Windows, the circumference around the top curtain shade and curtain, drainage of rain gutters, floor, wall plate, etc. structures, good abundant internal space, the different area of the frame tent when be used according to different purposes of planning. Fixed on awning room can be fixed on the surface of the base material, such as sand, ceramic tile can be not damaged or cannot be fixed venues, can use weights fixed method. Can withstand the weight of land such as awning room mud drilling steel can be used to fixation. Another is of the awning room by screw fixation. After removal of awning room can pile up in a small space. From the above introduction can know different exhibition in the use of awning room will have different requirements, when to use exhibition awning room so can depending on the display of goods in beautification, promoting consumption. We handle a variety of types of awning room, is used for two different requirements can be done in customer service consultation or order. Looking forward to your coming here.
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