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The desert wind resistance alloy tent can still performs well for three reasons

by:COSCO     2020-08-16
Always sparsely populated desert areas, but the colour of mystery, its always very desirable, so the desert areas for business development more and more, in many parts of the development process to use prefabricated awning room construction, it can use aluminum alloy frame tent in the desert? Than normal areas, whether in the desert tent tents used for aluminum alloy material and fabric is different? Says there tent to introduce one by one to you today to just aluminum alloy tent in the desert for configuration. Desert areas because of the influence of the terrain and natural factors, traditional architecture to construction and development on a large scale in this environment, it will not only destroy the surrounding environment, at the same time the construction cost is huge, so has not have a high level of development in desert areas. But with the guidance of tourism economy, the characteristic flavor of desert tourism development, and the development of prefabricated construction, also provides alternative scheme for desert region construction, at present a lot of desert camp or large activities of accommodation, catering, large venues such as awning room space is in the use of the prefabricated building, three key problems in the use effect is very good point. Wind resistance: sand desert region is extremely large, and building the framework of awning room is 6061 - Quality of T6 aluminum alloy profiles, has a strong ability to resist wind, conventional can resist 8 - 10 class gale, additional conditions can also through thickening profile, add to strengthen measures to enhance the wind resistance of awning room. Tarpaulins with is use PVC material also have very good tensile performance, also can effectively resist the sand! Stability: aluminum awning room not too many requirements on building terrain restrictions, even if the soft base in the desert, also have appropriate fixation method can be used, awning room stability can be guaranteed. Or also can build a platform, let the awning room set up on the platform, not only can offer two flat on the ground, and coupled with floor, carpet use more conducive to walk and to promote the class of the awning room space. Service life: although prefabricated buildings on the service life is better than the traditional fixed, but its itself also has very good use fixed number of year. Like aluminum alloy frame with 20 years of life, and we will in the aluminum surface electrophoresis treatment, make it not be sand erosion, improve the service life of the fixed number of year. And covered with tarpaulin material also have a 5 - 8 years of use fixed number of year, and then damaged can only replace tarpaulins, overall service life is don't worry. In general, tent in the desert for aluminum alloy used in security completely no problem, and has set up fast and efficient, need not important advantages of soil and water conservation work. And says there are also many times made in desert regions use awning room, can provide you with a good tent scheme for desert. Actually no matter in which areas use tents awning room, says there will be can provide you with the best quality, meet the needs of your site. If you are upset choose what style tents awning room, welcome to contact our customer service, we will give you the most professional solutions at the first time.
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