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The Donmar to set up King’s Cross theatre and round off all-female Bard trilogy

by:COSCO     2019-08-16
Donmar is building a 420-
Sit at the makeshift theater at King\'s Cross station and stage the final part of the full play of Felida Lloyd
Women\'s Shakespeare trilogy
To attract new young audiences, the theater also presented hundreds of free tickets to audiences aged 25 and under.
Sir Harriet Walter will be 13-
The weekly season, which includes all of its previous executions-
Julius Caesar and Henry IV.
She will be playing the female work of the storm by plosboro.
Josie Rourke, the theater\'s artistic director, said the decision to transfer the drama from Covent Garden base was influenced by their successful transfer in New York.
They played a round there and it\'s not possible at 271-seat Donmar.
MS Rourke said: \"One of the things we found at the initial production was that the interest and demand for drama was beyond what Donmar could accommodate.
The new theater is right next to the underground entrance and is basically a tent, but the tent is very good.
\"It\'s great to be there to do something that is currently very lively in London, but when these plays are staged in Brooklyn, they\'re just working, there are a few things for these very dynamic performances.
\"Viewers aged 25 and under will receive £ 25 tickets for free.
Although the theater asked the audience to help pay the remaining £ 1,500, private supporters are subsidizing most of them.
MS Luk, 39, said: \"There is now a big conversation about diversity and the people who appear in Shakespeare\'s plays, and we are in the middle, but at the same time, we need to talk about who is looking at them.
A 2013 report says that less than half of young people in London have never attended theater, galleries or live music events and we have to change that.
We are asking our audience if they feel they can pay forward and pass on their enthusiasm.
Lloyd, 58, directed all her work.
On 2012, Yuri Caesar, a woman at the Dorma warehouse, two years later Henry IV, and Sir Harriet, 65, played the roles of Brutus and King Henry.
Lloyd said the plays set Shakespeare\'s work in a women\'s prison to become
After Rourke MS and executive producer Kate Pakenham was in charge of Donmar, \"Celebration\" has become \"a mission \".
She added: \"I always say that there is no conspiracy to prevent women or minorities from coming to power, just that it is not always noticed if we are not men.
Just blind.
The temporary theater will open from September 23-12 to 17.
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