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The he typhoon hit, such as how to cope with our industrial awning room?

by:COSCO     2020-09-22
The recent typhoon frequently, many customers are on their own tent. And it has been proved that our outdoor industry after the typhoon transit frame tent product all the same, is not affected by the typhoon too much. Actually, whether in the typhoon weather or other inclement weather conditions, we only need to prepare related measures to deal with: if it is eight 10 level winds: says there awning room adopts high quality aluminum alloy frame and PVC tarpaulin, safe stable, can effectively resist - 8 10 level winds. If you still worry about its security problems, we need to put all around surround blah, fasten the rope buckle in between each wai cloth, make whole tent is a completely closed space, reduce the entry of the typhoon, reduce the damage. Also can be in the frame tent on the basis of original increase for bracing or cables, can also increase the weight, above the foundation to improve the wind resistance of awning room. If is 10 or more windy: whenever we heard more than 10 winds, will have a kind of 'trembling' feeling, because such the destructive force of the wind power is large enough. In the face of such situation, we must be industrial warehouse tent materals ( The top cloth and wai cloth) All removed to reduce the resistance and the need to ensure that personnel and timely evacuation of valuables. If time and conditions is enough, or considering the awning room dismantled, to wait until after a typhoon, to use again, to avoid collapse phenomenon. Above says there is frame tent advice to the masses of customers, if you have any other questions welcome to inquire, we will according to your local actual situation to carry on the design plan, let you can comfort during the use awning room, rest assured.
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