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The history of carpet weaving

by:COSCO     2019-08-11
The oldest carpet in the East House started with the carpet.
Even if the burnt desert or the rugged mountains surround, and the dust clouds hanging on the unstable sand of death, even if the heavy, melted sun like lead, is filled with the world of camel thorns, even if it\'s not a wall --
Thin fabric of the tent. Carpet -
Oasis: lush gardens, pompous heads, mature roses, elegant branches of snakes, strange shrubs, colorful birds on trees.
When there\'s a carpet
Just don\'t know anyone.
Its origin date is hidden in the fog of time.
However, according to scholars and historians, the art of carpet weaving began two and a half years ago.
The oldest existing carpet is said to have been woven more than 2000 years ago!
In 1949, during the excavation of the King\'s mound, thick wool fabrics with deer, Vulture and horse images were found.
The carpet is so beautifully preserved that it has to do with the special climate --
Water and air are buried, causing the carpet to get cold and avoid rot.
This discovery proves a unique fact: A Century of classic manual techniques
The woven carpet has not changed!
Today, this masterpiece is decorated with the collection of the Winter Palace of the century.
Yes, it\'s a masterpiece of the century because of carpet weaving
Ancient art originated in the Ancient East.
How did all this begin?
Some scholars believe that the original carpet played an extremely practical function: the eastern nomadic people invented the weaving of warm cloth in order to be able to build a house quickly.
The carpets at the time were used to protect their home from wind and sand, allowing you to find the room quickly.
It\'s best to think about the carpet, nothing is impossible: lightweight, warm, compact foldable-
Convenient transportation.
Later, when the nomadic people began to live a settled life, a purely practical canvas began to transform into a work of art.
Gradually, people began to stay away from the original philosophy of \"warm and dry --
He wants to be a beautiful, elegant, and most importantly --
Not at all.
One of the first civilizations to weave carpets at the highest level of art was Persia.
Iranian carpet (Persian)
Origin is one of the most striking works in decorative art.
Historically, it was the main center of Persian carpet production.
However, the word \"production\" here can be used at will, and we are talking about Persian carpets.
No templates and standards
Only unique works and 100% handmade.
Persian carpet-
Like the glass of Venice, the lace of Brussels, the cigar of Cuba.
This standard is perfect.
History wants to bring glory to Persia.
An old legend keeps us the story of one of the first masterpieces of Persian carpet weaving --
The \"carpet of Spring\" King Khosrow I, woven in the sixth century to commemorate the victory of the Persians, Romans and the conquest of the Arabian Peninsula.
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