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the most important question for any entrepreneur, period.

by:COSCO     2019-08-21
What would you do if your back was exposed-
After running 100 miles in a row?
If you were in a frame tent in the most remote part of the Hebrides, swallowing gnats while breathing, what would you do?
What would you do if you were hurt
Learn how to walk?
What would you do if you were held hostage for 92 hours and hung upside down until bleeding?
What is your motivation to move forward?
When I was 13, I had a moment when I decided to make a lot of money.
So, in the next 30 years, I live that life.
I started the pool business when I was 13.
I went to Wall Street in my twenties.
I started one business after another with this goal in my mind.
I made money.
But after creating the Spartans game, talk to so many successful people on the Spartans!
Podcast. I started asking myself. -
What makes me move on? Is it money? Family? Pride?
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The reasons for moving forward are different for everyone.
For example, Mimi Anderson started a long time ago.
Just because she wants a finer leg, she runs the marathon.
The marathon turned her into a super madman, and she ended up running a super marathon in the Arctic Circle.
Everything has changed.
Mimi vomited at the seventh checkpoint.
She could not eat any food, and she began to doubt that she would finish it.
But just after her brain said, \"I\'m going to quit,\" one of her teammates came up to her and said a few words, deciding the rest of the game.
\"Mimi, think about the people in the family who think you will fail.
Mi finished the match.
Not only that, but these words have been with her since that moment.
They pushed her to create three Guinness World Records and complete some of the world\'s toughest endurance challenges.
She made a pair.
Even if I haven\'t tried to cross Badwater (
I\'m crazy).
When Mimi was against the wall she thought she would fail and she wanted to prove everyone was wrong ---
Realize her real potential. -
It\'s her driving force.
As I hear more and more people moving on in situations where everything is against them, I start to realize that the \"reason\" behind what we do is sometimes the only thing we need to rely on.
Take the example of adventurer and BBC Monty Hall.
From the finished product you see on the BBC, you\'ll think that this guy killed it with his crew 100% of the time.
But he told us that he spent half of his time thinking about how to resign and go home.
If one of my crew members was attacked by a dog and another was stabbed on the first day of my expedition, I would think about the same thing.
This is another story, though.
When Monti was in a place like the west coast of Scotland where he slept in a tent of bugs, he was not happy. “I hate this.
I\'m too old, \"he said later --
Phone call with his girlfriend in the evening
\"I have left my comfort zone.
\"When shit hits the fans, what keeps this guy going is his core identity.
\"I am the Royal Navy and the Royal Navy will not give up.
They won\'t say, \'I can\'t do this anymore.
You must have something like this.
When Monty remembers this, he remembers that he has more potential than the part he wants to exit earlier.
\"You have to remember that,\" he said . \"“The sofa-
The sloth tied in my body tells me to stop, but my body is still saying, no, there\'s a lot in me.
Monti believes that it is because you know who you are that you will put the hardest people in the world to bear the hardest circumstances.
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Speaking of endurance, I spoke to Olympic medalist, Boston and New York marathon champion Meb Keflezighi.
He grew up in the first civil war.
When Meb was very young, his father left his wife and six children in the war.
In an effort to seek help from Sudan, he tore Elia into pieces, walking 225 miles.
Six years later, after getting help from Italy (
At that time, Eritrea was a colony of Italy.
Meb\'s family found themselves in the United States.
Soon after, Meb started his own long-term-
Long journey.
In seventh grade, Meb\'s PE teacher asked him to beat a six-year-old student. minute mile.
He ran away.
As I said, Meb ended up being one of the greatest marathon runners of our time, but that\'s not the point.
The point is that in the end, all the runs eventually hurt his body.
He had a pelvic stress fracture.
This guy ran from 4 minutes miles to crawling with his hands and knees like 10 minutesmonth-old baby.
How did you do it?
To me, his identity is, \"I\'m a runner.
For a while, Meb thought he was going to retire.
He\'s going to have a few months of physical therapy.
But he thought it was worth it.
\"You have to be able to test the heart,\" he said . \".
\"What can keep you motivated to move forward?
When Meb looked back at Alea, the people there \"didn\'t even have the lights to read\" and his injury seemed to be nothing.
When Meb looks back at his father\'s 225-
He went on a mile journey in the wilderness and he had a frame of reference that made his injury look easier to handle.
When Meb remembered that his sponsor was counting on him, he knew he had to give \"£ 110% \".
\"When I heard the stories of all these people, I really started thinking about what made me move on when everything was against me.
Is it something to stick?
My mind is usually in 1,000 places at a time, but I\'m starting to focus on this.
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Then I went with Peter Jaude.
To be honest, I have never been like this.
When Karim told me his story, I felt like my life was like walking in the park.
The 70-year-old, who owns some of Iran and Lebanon\'s largest real estate companies, was kidnapped, tortured and interrogated by seven different groups who wanted his money.
Between the seventh and eighth trials, he finally escaped.
He was released under three conditions: signing everything he had for the kidnappers, leaving Lebanon immediately and never talking about being tortured.
Dressed in dirty clothes and bloody shirts, he was sent on a plane from Beirut.
He woke up at a hospital in Geneva. Fast forward.
After a few years of full operation
The black cloak on someone he doesn\'t even know-
He finally got on a plane to the United States.
He has $17 in his pocket, no family, no friends, no home. What did he do?
He did what he knew how to do: real estate.
So he bought a bike for a little bit of his money, found a property to repair, repair, sell it, and bought three more with profit.
\"The rest is history,\" he said . \"
When he had nothing, I asked him what made him move on, and the story he told me caught me off guard.
One day around 1945, Karim and his father were talking about the war.
Karim asked his father, \"Dad, you said the war was over.
Why are innocent people killed?
He hugged me and told me, \"Sonny, there has never been justice in the world and there will never be justice in human history.
But what you and I can do is help reduce the pain of others, not increase the pain.
He said that the rest of Karim\'s life stems from this grounding instruction: to reduce the suffering of others.
\"I have to make money in order to be able to set up a foundation,\" he said . \".
That\'s what he did.
Even after his kidnapping and torture, Karim has never lost his goal of helping others.
In Karim\'s view, there are always two options for one person: \"You can sit in the corner and complain, or you can continue your life.
After every setback, he is constantly overcoming more and more obstacles.
While many of Karim\'s friends, who were tortured, finally took their lives, Karim\'s firm belief prevented him from giving up.
His vision is always longer than his own.
All these people-
Mimi, Monty, Karim. -
There is something that everyone can teach entrepreneurs.
One thing they all have in common is that they hit the bottom of the valley where no one of them pushed them forward.
For Mimi, at that moment in the Arctic, she was saying, I can\'t go any further.
For Monti, this is the constant discomfort of traveling to remote, ruthless places and resisting the temptation to return home.
For Karim, everything he had was hell for years.
What can they teach us?
You must be ready to answer the question.
What do you say when you vomit in the Arctic Circle?
When you swallow gnats in a frame tent in the West Hebrides, what do you say to yourself?
What do you say when all you can do is crawl?
What do you say when life takes away everything from you and you are stuck in no money, no friends, no family, no home?
What is one thing that will always push you forward?
We all have time on this issue.
But entrepreneurs are in a tough situation because they are doing things that people have never done before, and they have no one to tell them how to do the right thing.
Most people would think they were crazy because they didn\'t do the normal thing.
They say it\'s lonely at the top, which is 100% correct.
But you have to do something there.
You must be willing to suffer.
You must have the courage to stand on the edge.
If you are going to make a leap, you need something to push you forward.
After meeting these very successful people, I began to think.
My real North is no longer money.
I now know that the most important thing for me is my family.
I honestly spent a lot of time looking around and digging, but I\'m sure now.
I know this is always the reason I get up in the morning. What’s yours?
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