The nuclear dreams of President Donald Trump

by:COSCO     2019-08-13
Preventing nuclear war between the United States and North Korea may be the most pressing challenge facing the world today.
Our childish, ignorant, incompetent president is pushing all of us.
Especially the people of Asia.
Closer to the disaster.
Although North Korea may not have developed missiles to ship nuclear warheads to the United StatesS.
Of course, the Chinese mainland has the ability to achieve closer goals, including South Korea and Japan.
But what can ordinary people do? Our fingers are far from the lever of power, although the small numbers of the person who occupies the \"adult day care center\", which we call the White House, but its hover is dangerously close to what people of my age used to call a \"button \".
\"Still, I think there may be time left for our collective brakes to start with the promise of a bill that Congress is currently putting on hold.
At the same time, many of us were born after
The second world war was renewed.
Experiencing the nightmare that we thought we had left safely.
Seven years after the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Duck and coverI were born.
Like my generation of Americans, I grew up in the shadows.
Or more accurately, glowingof “the Bomb” (
In those days, we did use it. .
I remember that the ceremony of the primary school was to join a neat and obedient second place --
The flat ground squatted on the wall protecting the concrete corridor and covered our neck with both hands.
I remember going home from school and telling my mother about the activities of the day and watching her rush to the bathroom to vomit --her all-too-
For a world where her children are prepared for global destruction at school, a literal intuitive response.
In the classroom, we saw Civil Defense films made by the government, such as movies that encouraged us to \"set aside a small amount of cans\" in temporary basement shelters.
The narrator assured us that \"they are safe,\" as a lovely young white mother, she confidently placed the last can head firmly on the cabinet rack. (
The film is far less instructive about what to do once the \"small supply\" runs out. )
Other movies remind us that we should always pay attention to the location of the nearest radiation shelter or teach us how to avoid and cover.
By 1961, my family had moved from rural New York State to Washington, DC. C.
There, my mother found a job in the brand new Peace Corps.
In my new city, I see unique black everywhere --and-
A yellow sign indicating the location of the dust shelter.
Students in Alice Junior High School are too big to practice in the hallway.
On the contrary, at the appointed time, we will all be rushed to the auditorium, where a solemn --
If the Soviet Union does launch a nuclear attack on our country, the principal will describe the secret underground shelter where we are all safe.
I remember when my class teacher stared at me angrily, I suddenly laughed.
We live in Washington, which is the number one political target for any potential Soviet nuclear strike.
Even so, I know well enough that, both on the ground and underground, we either fry immediately or then die from radioactive poisoning.
At my house, we joked about the bomb shelter.
We know they can\'t save us.
So I remember in early 1960, when we visited the family of my mother\'s friend, Yarmolinsky, I was shocked.
All of our children were sent to their homes in suburban Virginia to play, and my brother and I stumbled across a large dome in the woods.
We asked our new friend \"What is this \".
\"Oh, that\'s our radiation shelter,\" replied one of them . \". I was stunned.
The Yarmolinskys family live only a few miles from Washington, but they have their own radiation shelter!
They\'re crazy.
What I didn\'t know at the time was that Adam amolinsky, then father, was a special assistant to Defense Secretary Robert McNamara and a \"prodigy\" of him \", is an architect of a \"complex domestic [program]
Expand the construction of radiation shelters in American families.
In fact, \"asylum morality\" has become one of the most popular ethical issues today.
The question is: before the attack, what is the responsibility of those who consciously build such shelters for those who did not do so in 1962, and Life published a cover article, urge the government to build massive shelters in order to avoid a split between \"have\" and \"have\" in the futurenots.
It quoted a lady.
Florence Elgon said: \"I am frustrated with the morality of the shelter.
It\'s natural to protect your own family, but my morality requires my neighbors to be protected as well.
\"Even today, students in the university\'s political science or business ethics class sometimes work with\" radiation protection exercises \"(
Although in their view, this is undoubtedly a scene from ancient history).
In this exercise, students are asked to decide who
A Latin prostitute and her little son, a white male biologist, etc. -
It should be allowed to stay in space and provide a limited radiation shelter.
Your phone even has a radiation protection game in which characters are more multicultural than characters in 1950 of civil defense movies-
Even though the three women filmed on the home screen are rarely dressedgirl skirts.
As a teenager, I know all the words of \"Who\'s next\" by satirized writer Tom leehler. ” (
\"First of all, we got the bomb, which is good/Because we love peace and mother. . . ”)
I read the nuclear thriller, fault insurance, the grim ending. of-
All the novels of \"on the beach\", as well as the special mixture of racism and nuclear terror, Robert Heinz\'s \"freedom of Farnham\", in which a nuclear explosion makes the author
An \"America\" of a dystopian future \".
Where black people oppress white people --
Treat young white women as food.
Yes, the sci-fi writer gave the world \"strangers in strange land\" and taught hippies how to \"groan \"(
Understand things in depth and intuitively)
Also created a perfect 1960 of white people who fear the comfort of fictional candy.
It is difficult to explain, especially for those born after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, considering the direct fear of the nuclear holocaust, when you know that such a war will come in your lifetime, what it is like to grow up.
It\'s hard to describe the sound of lying in bed at night waiting for the siren to let us know what\'s going on.
On those long nights I hid a transistor radio under my pillow and turned it on repeatedly to convince myself
The rock radio I despise during the day is still passing through the top 40 hits, not the Ducksand-
Cover notes.
My morbid attention was not uncommon in that time.
The continued threat of nuclear war constitutes the background radiation of the entire generation\'s childhood.
All my friends, many of them whose parents work for the federal government, have my concerns.
When we say good night on the phone, my high school boyfriend and I sometimes wonder loudly if we will meet the next day.
The calculation of our own mortality rate by our teenagers is a confrontation with the mortality rate of our species, which makes some of us a little crazy.
We live in a strange sense of wartime in which we plan for the future while knowing that there may be no plan.
This is a dose of reality for people who have never had it before
Realize the fear of baby boomers.
Not only is it possible for Donald Trump to revive North Korea, but it is also possible to launch a nuclear war with North Korea in 2017. There are signs that the danger is not as big as some of us might be worried about.
* Trump has not fulfilled his August 9 threat to North Korea, and if North Korea threatens to attack the United States again, he will \"fire and anger the world has never seen\" against North Korea \".
He also failed to fulfill his amazing assurance at the UN that if North Korea \"forces\" US to \"defend ourselves or our allies, we have no choice but to destroy it completely.
As political scientist Steven blams pointed out, in both cases, Trump\'s remarks made the position of his nuclear stumbling line so vague, that he may not know where it is or when it will be crossed.
According to the New York Times, on October 13, North Korean officials \"again threatened to launch ballistic missiles near Guam, the US Western Pacific territory \".
\"Trump didn\'t respond, so we can only assume that no matter what his threat to North Korea means, that\'s not the case.
Fortunately for the world, he seems to treat such a promise as he does with all his words --
It is infinitely reinterpreted or even taken back.
* The President\'s threat to use nuclear weapons is likely to be another example of him.
For the record, the \"negotiation\" strategy, in which he initiated the negotiation process in an absurd starting position to make a mere outrageous thing look like a reasonable compromise.
* Even in the case of another USS.
Opponents who may have sought nuclear weapons in the past --Iran —
Trump is not as disruptive as he could have been.
Despite his constant attacks on six
The national nuclear deal with Iran, largely negotiated by President Obama, has not recently torn it apart (
As he often promised).
Instead, he raised the issue with Congress, and despite the IAEA\'s assurances that Iran was complying with the agreement, he refused to prove that Iran was complying with the agreement.
For someone who clearly has the urge to exercise authoritarian power, Trump is surprisingly willing to dilute it to gain his base while avoiding real action.
These are signs of mild hope.
Although this is not a hopeful sign that the world has become a reading of the words of an American president, as if they were numerous reprints of the Book of Changes.
\"Unfortunately, we must also consider the way Trump\'s presence in the White House makes nuclear war more likely.
* Although he does not seem to know what the actual use of nuclear weapons may mean, he has repeatedly expressed his personal fascination with nuclear weapons.
For example, in March 2016, he told The O\'Reilly Factor on Fox News that he might even consider using nuclear weapons in Europe, which he called \"a good place \", \"As if some parts of it might be legitimate nuclear targets.
He added, \"I won\'t take the cards off the table.
In the same month, at MSNBC City Hall, he proposed the use of nuclear weapons against the Islamic State\'s \"caliphate.
Nuclear weapons against guerrilla fighters are very meaningful!
When Chris Matthews said that Japanese citizens could be nervous to hear the presidential candidate raise the issue of the use of nuclear weapons, Trump responded, \"so, if everyone else but Donald Trump has been asking why we are making them, why are we making them \"it may be a reasonable question.
When the news of his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calling him an \"idiot\" first surfaced, some of us wanted to know which of Trump\'s many ignorant performances led to the label. Now we know.
At a national security briefing on July 2017, the president appeared to suggest that the United States increase its current nuclear arsenal by about 4,000 warheads by 10 times.
* The advisers Trump seems to have the most respect for at the moment are generals or former generals, including his chief of staff John Kelly, Defense Secretary James Matisse, and national security adviser H. R. McMaster. Commentators (
Including some free ends about the spectrum)
I like to think of this military circle as an \"adult\"
In Trump\'s room.
I don\'t believe it, but even if they are more fit to govern than the president, it\'s not surprising that they tend to seek military solutions to diplomatic problems first.
Mattis, for example, warned of a \"massive military response\" to any North Korean threat to the United States\"S. or its allies.
He told reporters on September: \"We don\'t want a country, that is, North Korea, to be completely destroyed, but as I said, we have a lot of options.
Again, when George Stefanopoulos of ABC asked McMaster: \"[J]
It must be made clear that the threat alone will not provoke the United States. S.
The general replied, \"Well, it depends on the nature of the threat, right ? \" McMaster then basically argued that because KIM JONG-UN-
The United Nations has already had family members killed and is cruel to the Korean people. he must be too unstable to understand the destruction of mutual guarantees (
Cold War nuclear strategy of Apt initials acronym word MAD)
Should work.
Strangely, another Communist dictator, Joseph Stalin, who presided over the party\'s purge and the death of millions of Soviet citizens, seems to have a sufficient understanding of the concept, but these elusive Asians are clearly completely different.
Even retired General Kelly recently said North Korea could not be allowed to \"reach home\" with nuclear weapons at all\"
According to CNN, \"mysteriously tell reporters,\" Armed missiles \"if the threat exceeds today\'s level, then let\'s hope that diplomatic work will be effective.
Trump\'s civilian advisers are not that good either.
The United States in SeptemberN.
Ambassador Nikki Haley told CNN\'s \"State of the Union\" that the government \"wants to be responsible and let [through] all diplomatic means [
North Koreans]
Pay attention first
But she warned, \"General Mattis will deal with it if it doesn\'t work.
To avoid confusion among the audience about how he \"looked after\" the country, she explained straight as the president: \"If North Korea continues this reckless behavior, if the United States has to defend itself or defend its allies in any way, North Korea will be destroyed.
\"Of course, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has repeatedly offered to keep communication channels open with North Korea, although Trump suggested on Twitter that \"he wasted time negotiating with the little rockets \".
Still, he seems to expect diplomacy to \"fail \".
On October 15, Tillerson explained to CNN that \"these diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb falls . \"
\"Before he assumes that the bomb will fall, who exactly does he want to drop the first bomb, he is talking about a possible U. S.
First, it seems that the whole government has accepted the inevitability of another optional war.
If you want an analogy, consider the way George W.
The Bush administration has been using the pretext of opening talks with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein until it launched a scheduled invasion, with the first bombs and cruise missiles beginning to hit Baghdad on March 20, 2003.
* Trump wants to rule as ordered.
The subtleties of the Constitution, the law, and the theory of separation of powers make this more difficult than he thought.
So far, his efforts to manage the country through executive orders have largely failed, and his \"third charm\" Muslim ban has once again been put on hold in court.
Even his latest move to repeal Obamacare by ending federal premium subsidies will not take effect immediately.
In fact, it has faced legal challenges in at least 18 countries. He was upset.
Why can\'t he wave like Jean?
The commander of StarCraft enterprise, Luc Picard, ordered his subordinates to \"make it a reality\" because the Constitution, the legal system, the Congress are no different and he can do that in one area.
He and himself have the right to order a nuclear strike.
The more problems left over from law and custom, the more likely he is to stop Fiat from taking office elsewhere, as Senator Bob Cork has warned us, bring the world \"on the path of World War III\" and use this weapon for the first time since August 9, 1945.
If Congress has the courage to do so, he still has time to stop this madness.
It may take some action, including the adoption of a law requiring a unanimous decision of a particular group (
For example, officials like the secretary of state and the secretary of defense and congressional leadership)
First nuclear strike
Better yet, Congress can reaffirm its long term
Give up the constitutional right to declare war
For example, it could approve a simple piece of legislation proposed by California on behalf of Ted Lieu in January.
According to the Congressional Bureau of Research, his bill, House Resolution 669, the 2017 bill restricting the first use of nuclear weapons, \"prohibits the president from using armed forces for the first time.
Unless such strikes are carried out in accordance with the declaration of war on which Congress expressly authorizes such strikes, nuclear strikes are used.
Congress should act when there is time.
The ability to cancel Trump\'s unilateral nuclear attack could ease some concerns in Pyongyang.
The rest of us may sleep again at night.
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