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The party tent - To see the banquet tent manufacturing companies how to price

by:COSCO     2020-08-30
Awning room commonly used in the wedding party tent, celebration activities for tents wedding, and other areas of the industry, has many choices in modelling is optional, such as corners of herringbone roof, roof, exterior walls can choose glass curtain wall, conventional tarpaulins, etc. When it comes to the structure tent house price, guard the entrance, is really a professional outsider. Because of the specifications of the banquet tent price depends on the tent size, supporting facilities, profile, freight and so on many factors. So the structure tent price quotation for how much money? Let's take a look at how professional banquet frame tent manufacturing company for quotation: banquet tent is mainly composed of two parts: aluminum alloy frame and PVC tarpaulin. framework profiles for the party tents marquees occupied a very important part. For frame part, we says there adopt high specifications of aluminum profiles, beautiful appearance and long service life, and the tent of the aluminum alloy profile is used for manufacturing company for each label will exist difference, banquet frame tent house price also therefore produce change; Tarpaulin partial grams, thickness, specifications and other different could lead to the safe level of awning room and banquet tent house price difference is produced. If direct purchase banquet tent, pure tent body for the calculation of the price, is in commonly 200 - About 600 yuan/square, of course, the specific price need in many ways to calculate. Changzhou says there awning room as a professional tent manufacturer, has built more than ten years production experience. Not only all kinds of activities such as sales structure tent awning room, also providing services such as tent rental for the banquet. rental for the party tents marquees, of course, price and sales price is also the existence of difference. And for different service regions, awning room prices will also vary. Above all, are the major factors affect the party tent house price floating tent specifications for span, profile material, supporting facilities, design, customer requirements, etc. Banquet tent house price, therefore, is not fixed, the same area, the configuration, the more the price is higher; Under the same configuration, the larger the area the higher the price. If you want to know the specific price quote industrial awning room how many money, please call 18351212331 tell us your needs. Says there as a professional industrial tent manufacturer will provide you with the appropriate for industrial tent quotation and solution.
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