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The price difference of awning room reason is tent technology for aluminum alloy stent or difference?

by:COSCO     2020-08-15
Why the price of aluminum awning room can make a big difference, its root lies in the choice of aluminum alloy material is different, also the present domestic the most common label for 6061 and 6082, and two kinds of aluminum alloy because of its alloy content, as well as differences in the mechanical and physical performance, price difference is very obvious, so today says there tent manufacture simple for everybody know about the aluminum alloy where is the difference between two different label. 6061 - T66061 also called hard aluminum air, light, high strength, high production cost, so expensive. Is short for aerospace aluminum alloy 6061 T6 hardening treatment, has the good formability and weldability, processability and, at the same time with moderate intensity, can still maintain a good operational after annealing. The main alloy elements in the 6061 alloy for magnesium and silicon, with medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability, oxidation effect is better. 6061 price and moderate hardness, so now says there tent and ordinary awning room on the market for materials are mostly using 6061 profiles. 6082 - T66082 the heat treatment can enhance alloy, with good formability and weldability, processability and, at the same time with moderate intensity, can still maintain a good operational after annealing, mainly for the mechanical structure, including bar, sheet, pipe and profile. This kind of alloy has and mechanical properties of 6061 alloy is similar but not identical, its T6 state has high mechanical properties. But 6082 in price compared to 6061 for a little expensive, tent there are differences in price for product. Most of customers choose cost-effective still 6061 profiles. Aluminum awning room originated in Europe, in Europe, so generally use two high-profile 6082 grade aluminum alloy, but after all, China's national conditions and the tent on the promotion for less than the origin of Europe. And merchants pay attention to cost performance, under the condition of the material about the same, 6061 aluminum alloy more in line with customer demand, unless there is a special local conditions will select 6082 to resist the ACTS of nature. Says there frame tent production for 6061 - T6 gb tent products, favored by the majority of customers for quite a long time, the welcome general customers to come to consult buying, exclusive tent products can also be customized for you!
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