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The structure of the exhibition awning room hot material and what kind of

by:COSCO     2020-08-30
The structure of the hot spots and materials exhibition awning room? For awning room everyone is already very familiar with it, both activities and exhibitions, warehouse storage is applies to, because the use is very convenient and quick, get the recognition of many people. In respect of exhibition use awning room also has a lot of benefits, the people to attended the exhibition is also to meet some merchants are using awning room, but a lot of people to this kind of awning room is not very understanding, if the use of this exhibition awning room have what advantage. The next tent manufacturer for zhengzhou to tell about the structure characteristics of the exhibition awning room as well as the production materials. as a new kind of outdoor activities for use temporary buildings, composed of movable body framework and PVC tarpaulin, because awning room disassembling is flexible, storage and transportation of portable, people is to give it a new name flow property. Exhibition awning room why have properties are widely used in all kinds of outdoor activities, so this kind of awning room what are the materials of making, main is to choose the high strength aluminum alloy material, mainly because the aluminum alloy density is small, light, processing performance is superior, the good welding performance, at the same time so in the awning room structure, its good tensile ability of modern tent structure. Secondly as a temporary building products, widely used in the lease, easy to transport, installation also comes from the characteristics of the light. Oxidation treatment on the surface of aluminum alloy and beautiful, good and visual effect, enhances the visual perception of business awning room high-end luxury. materals for more for PVC tarpaulin, tarpaulins for double PVC coating knife layer cloth, water pressure, water pressure resistance value is as high as 3000 mm anti-mold experiment for level 1. In addition to the analysis of process quality, the material thickness directly tarpaulins and durable performance, between the use of cloth for 850 grams, edge cloth 650 grams, much more excellent than the traditional 450 grams cloth and tent materals for grade products to the market. In the auto show exhibition tent parts needed for neat, including column, angular nodes, top node, such as parts and so on mentioned constitute a gable, also known as span that surface herringbone framework, at the same time to the other mountain wall components in the same principle put flat on the ground. Top node and the Angle of the installation, before the installation of the two nodes need to connect first oblique beam, then good inclined beam AB section and top node connections, tied into the screws, and screw down the, will the oblique end inserted into the beam Angle of node A paragraph, and connect with the top of the column to the Angle of the node of straight side, at the same time through the screw and screw nut. In the sequence is completed, also need to post, bottom and vertical frontispiece parts installed correctly, awning room until finish the motor show. Exhibition tent advantages for use, 1. Through Angle adjustment plate to adjust the spread Angle of block awning, when meet transport a variety of needs. 2. Make simple stainless steel brace and rotating rod with sturdy, block awning high-density umbrella cloth material resistant to cleaning, wear resistance, and provide a good wind, rain, prevent bask in the effect. 3. Exhibition awning room block awning use nowadays spin, topspin folded up when not in use, do not cover an area of space. The charm of awning room does not depend on the appearance, is more convenience. To the size of different fields, field ground both sand, grassland, cement floor or this cannot destroy the ground such as marble, awning room with anchors, drill steel and the professional bearing system, can security firm to set up and use.
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