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The Surreal Folly Jezreel\'s Tower and Its Connection With the Prophet Joanna Southcott

by:COSCO     2019-08-08
In an area known as the New Brompton, an area of Jilin ham, Kent, a rather strange and spectacular structure overlooking the Medway Valley and Stello, ChathamIt began construction on the top of Chatham Hill in 1885, in a modern style of surrealism, with eight turrets, and a large inscribed board with exterior decoration, in the temple known locally as jezreel, jezreel, or in the later stages of jezreel\'s folly.(Or stranger ).Aside from the fact that he was almost certainly an American orphan and adopted by a family named White, his early life was little known.There was some unproven evidence of his American birth, but his speech and spelling betrayed it.
He once casually commented that he had been employed by an American bank and worked as a furnace worker on board the east bank.But the birth certificate has never been seen.This is in line with the Christian doctrine of Israel, and there is no image or material evidence of a person in this world, so there is no picture or portrait of him.
On July 1875, White enlisted in the British Army and joined the 16 th Regiment second Battalion (Bedford County Regiment) based in Chatham, Kent and Secunderabad in India in February 1876 for 5 years.Soon after, he was interested in the teaching of Revelation by Joanna Southcott (1750 Pax 181814.In 1881, he adopted the name James Jerome jezler.
.The people of Israel and Judah will come together and set a head for themselves, for the days of Jezreel will be great.Before we proceed with James White aka Jezreel\'s life, we should look at Joanna Southcott\'s strange world and how she and her followers influence his formation.The new and rear houses of Israel, also known as Jezreelites.
On April 1750, in Taleford, near St.
Mary, otree, Devon, she grew up in Gittisham, 16 miles from Exeter.It was the fourth daughter of William and Hannah Southcott, and during her ordinary childhood there was no sign of her final fate.Although her family was once very prosperous, the change in the environment meant that Joanna grew up on a small farm and received very little education.
Her father was often ill and Joanna had to run the farm and she did a very successful job.Her frugal life means that, like many girls in her environment, she has no choice but to engage in housekeeping, even though she used to be a decorator.Her employer later described her as a quiet and honest person but was prone to depression.
She keeps a rigorous diary and her own prophecy, and she will announce that the \"Spirit of Truth\" first came upon her at the age of 18, but her real life mission didn\'t really start until the middle of the year.Joanna\'s life at Fortytwo.In 1794, she declared herself the bride of the sheep, but it didn\'t seem to make any special sense at that time.Her hands due to her lack of educationThe writing was very poor, hard to decipher, and her language was vulgar and rude.
She experienced the phenomenon of automatic hands.She and her internal \"voice\" began to prophesy, some of which proved to be correct, many of these volumes that have never been published or read, could be the basis of the paper contained in the infamous \"box.In February 1801, she published 1000 copies of the strange influence of faith at her own expense, which looks like 48-page, nine-The Penny booklet describes how the information arrived at South Cote and how she sought to be recognized by the paperwork.
She published the second part in the second month.Her name is still linked to religion and mystery, and there is still a small and passionate follower today.The followers of Southcott claim that she is really a prophet, and her powerful sealed work claims to reveal the answers to the world\'s problems.
The seal she used was found in a shop she was cleaning, with a star above and below.In addition to the work she sold, she carved a circle with small square paper with the name of the character written on it, under which joanna\'s name was written, then folded and sealed.This protects them from harm and confirms their place among the 144,000 who will be taken to heaven with Christ on the day of the end.
It was very profitable because she sold 20,000 for 10 shillings to 6 p and 21 shillings.However, this seemingly innocent but cynical act brought a great deal of harm to her movement, when one of her followers, Mary Bateman, was a thief and an abortionist who had taken her to 1809, rebecca perligo was hanged in New York.Joanna stopped sealing people because she was unable to determine the real motive of the person and the subsequent behavior.
Clearly, her final prediction is that the second Christ (Shiloh) is coming soon, and she will give birth to the second Christ after the perfect conception.During the period from October 1813, Joanna, who has reached the age of 64, withdrew from public life in preparation for birth, with only her own sexual partner participating.On August 1814, in the absence of an imminent birth, things had reached a stage where no fewer than nine doctors had been called.
Six doctors said that, in their view, the symptoms that Joanna showed, in a young woman, would be a sign of pregnancy.Southcott realized that she had to establish a secular marriage so that Shiloh could have a adoptive father like Joseph and the child Jesus.On November 1813, she married John Smith, the housekeeper of Count Darnley, in her bedroom (1758-1829).
Joanna died in December.
She leaves instructions that if she is just in a trance, her body should be wrapped in flannel, kept warm and kept undisturbed for four days.On December, an autopsy was performed at 38 Manchester Street, London, with some of her followers and several doctors, including James Sims, Joseph Adams and Richard Reese.However, in such a situation, her physical conditionIt is called the explanation that pregnancy continues to cause conflict and confusion.
Mathias, who also attended the autopsy, tried to give a physical explanation of the symptoms shown.As soon as the time arrived, after four days, the body was already Green and rotten;4 inch of the fat in the abdomen and breast gland enlargement.(The heartbeat or movement of the fetus) initially felt her abdomen in the extreme intestinal gas.
At the time of dissection of the uterus, no traces of the fetus were found, and they did not find any evidence of medical problems or other abnormalities other than gall stones.Those of us who were present at the time of Mrs. Joanna Southcott\'s anatomy did demonstrate that no unnatural appearance was visible and that no part showed the appearance of a disease sufficient to cause her death, she also showed no signs of pregnancy.
In December, in due course, he appeared again on Earth to carry out his redemption mission.Just before her death, Joanna made a will in which she sadly claimed that she had been deceived by Satan and directed all the abundance that would be prepared for the coming HiloIn January 1815, her tombstone predicted that the great miracle had not yet arrived.He left his life at the age of 60 in December 27, 1814.
You will appear with greater strength!It is strange that Stone does not accurately say that she is 60 years old and not 64 years old.On 1874, an explosion occurred on the Regent\'s Park canal, and five tons of gunpowder exploded on the barge, causing three crew members and a horse to explode at the maclefield Bridge, as is known.After the death of Joanna Southcott, the movement of Hilo split apart and the Prophet surged, among which the Hilo faction of John Ward and the Christian Israelis of John Foro were the most prominent.
In 1801, William Sharp made this special box with predictions and letters from Southcott.The box is described as a walnut building contaminated with water, weighing about 11 lbs and slightly above 12 lbs.There are two rusty steel strips and several ribbons that secure the box with wax seals.
There was a mother with a Pearl plate inlaid on the lid, abbreviated as \"Joanna I S\" (probably J S of Joanna Southgate) but matched with the seal she used.In 1816, the box was handed over to Jane Townley\'s care, and when she died in 1825, it was handed over to Thomas Philip welfare, and finally to the son of welfare, Revd, on 1835.Richard welfare, who died in 1861.In 1839, in order to control the teachings and legacy of Southcott, Ravinia Taylor Jones (the niece of Lucie Taylor, the employer of Southcott Exeter) disguised as a man and walked into the parish of Richard welfare, there she tried to steal the big box \".
She didn\'t succeed, but at some point after that, competitors began to surge.After followers of Southcott tried to get the church to open the box during the Crimean War and the Great War Crisis, a box was finally opened in 1927 (only one bishop agreed to participate ).\\ \"Includes the lottery ticket (the date of proof is 1796 ).
However, this does not stop some followers as they insist that using fake boxes is just a cheat.This fake box is x.Some of the items that can be seen in July 1927 are flint stoneLock pistol, a dice box, a fob wallet with coins (Maundy money), a bone puzzle with a ring, some building blocks (one with a metal buckle), a frame drawing a pair of earrings, there is also an embossed or carved Pebble.This is roughly found, with a total of 56 items.
but all fake !http://archive.
php?, a twentieth-Century Millennium Group, which is committed to restoring Southcott\'s reputation, claims to know the secret whereabouts of a real box.(It should not be difficult because the Real box is supposedly owned by the Bedford panacea Association of England.) The original box is still not open, any committee or even x-Although many fake boxes have been shown to be fake over the years, they have been photographed.
1966 of different and academic interests stand out when E.P.Thompson (British historian), full of appreciation for the work of SouthcottThe greatest prophet of Alai.It wasn\'t long before there were six more \"yes-Be \\ \"The Prophet made himself famous and each of them claimed to Be Joanna\'s successor and the interpreter of her words and teachings.
These prophecies, including Jane lead, brother Richard, George Turner, William Shaw, John Foro, James jerzre, and Helen Exeter and Maybell (house size)Her death and shock statement about Satan\'s cheating has thrown thousands of her followers into great chaos.Many people refuse to believe that her mission and work are a kind of ridicule and illusion, but others slip away and form a divided group.-Her work, though, has historically influenced many of John froto\'s thoughts.
She was very much ahead of her time and laid the foundation for John Foro to build further after almost 100.Her name appears in the file created by John Foro and Joana Southcott, and her original work is still considered important by the American rocking-bed movement and Mary Israel\'s home in Port Benton, especially MichiganThroughout her life, from 1623 to 1704, she has written many papers, many of which have been published and eagerly read, and are still available now. is the founder of Philadelphia society in 1652, and of the 60 propositions she wrote in 1699, Jane lead has some striking similarities with many Christian Israeli beliefs held today.
At the end of the 18 th century, the turmoil of the coming French revolution heralds for many the beginning of the millennium and the major changes in society they know.Therefore, some people are very concerned about the future of civilization, especially their spiritual destiny.At this time, brother Richard was famous for his unusual teaching style.
December 1757 (this day is very important to him later ).He joined her Royal Navy, retired at a half-salary of 1784, married at 1786, but for a short period of time --While he was away, his wife took another wife and even other children.In the face of intolerable situations, the brothers completely abandoned her.
He adopted some of the teachings of the Quaker.This was inadvertently his failure, and he owed a lot of debt in 1790 and refused to receive a pension because his newly discovered conscience made him unrealistic.He couldn\'t even pay the rent, let alone his debt.
On 1792, he left the poverty House, but the situation did not change. he quickly owed his debts and the court sentenced him to serving a sentence at Newgate Prison for a period of time.By November 1792, he had signed a power of attorney, eventually authorizing him to withdraw his salary from the Navy, and he was released.
This is during this period, 1792-âx80x9d.
After the London area where he lived.
Over the next two years, his fame, charm and notoriety have grown.I have been shocked and disturbed by people\'s thoughts for months.He was found to have some mental illness because he refused to take an oath in court and he was sentenced to detention at the Fisher House in Islington, when it was a private psychiatric hospital.
He spent 11 years at the shelter, during which he continued his deliberations and writing.January 1824.Brother Richard seems to be the first to claim that the British are descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes, and his views are still subject to the British-Israelism.He was buried in St.Joanna Southcott\'s John Wood was also buried in 1814.
From Leeds, claiming to be the true successor of Southcott.Will be delivered at the London palace.\\ \"The Ministry of Finance, the horse guard, the Carlton building, the playroom, the church and church, the tower, the Somerset building and other public places.The Angel of the Lord will sink due to the earthquake.
The entire United Kingdom will be assigned to the rolling people.Those who are not worth a penny now must be the lords of this land.Rent must not be paid.There is no postage for the letter.No turnpikes.No taxes.A gallon and a half.penny.Ale the same.The deceased must be carried into a deep pit full of pork in a trolley three miles from the city.
Although Turner was held in New York for two years to shelter the crazy Quaker, he continues to provide outrageous and wonderful guidance to his loyal followers..There must be 70,000 men playing musical instruments and 70,000 women singing.He must have 500,000 servants, and his carriage must have been pure gold.
Turner himself will have no less than 300,000 servants and his palace, similar to the idea of Hilo.Surprisingly, on 1820, Turner was declared healing his madness, his followers asked the prime minister to release him, and he was approved a few months later.âx80x9d.On that day nothing happened except the believers, they just treated it as a sacred test of their love.
Turner\'s own \"voice\" ordered him to marry so Hilo had a foster mother.On April 1821, it was announced as the emergence of Shiloh.When nothing happened again, some of the followers were seriously disappointed, while others quietly turned loyalty to hostile leaders.
George Turner died in September 1821 and John Volo claimed to take over from Turner\'s leadership.-Although little is known about George Turner, less is known about William Shaw.He claimed that celestial communications had been accepted from 1819 to 1822, which had never been printed in the form of books, but was widely circulated in the form of manuscripts.
Like Turner, he also talked about London\'s suffering from the earthquake as a revenge for the city\'s sin.Until the beginning of the 20 th century, his work will be printed in San Diego, California, and given their respective positions as information for the fourth person of the seven (seven prophets) family.William Shaw, who died in 1822, was recognized as a prophet by the nancoti.
October 1820, as the date of birth of Shiloh.Wroe now controls Turner\'s group and his followers claim to be Christian Israelis.In the last few days, new laws and actions were imposed by Wroe.
Men are circumcised, and everyone eats only Jewish meat.Men must wear dark, wideHats and special clothing;There are even detailed rules for women\'s sober dress.Men also give up shaving and shaving.Everyone gave up the nose smoke, tobacco and alcohol.
Those who violate these laws will be severely beaten.Women accused of a lack of chastity sit in the fierce service.After the service, they were taken to a cleaning room under the pulpit where they were stripped and beaten with birch sticks.
At 1823, he announced that he could walk on the water, showing his true crazy side.He tried twice and both failed miserably.He claimed that it was a public baptism and soon deleted the sentence.A child named Daniel Grimshaw died after a terrible circumcision with Henry Reese and underwent surgery.
Reese was charged with manslaughter but was acquitted after Jewish leaders pressed the government for fear that their legitimate religious rituals would be declared illegal.Wroe has attracted a large number of followers in Ashton.under-Lyne (now in Greater Manchester) and support groups have appeared in the South, including the Chatham area.
In the end, after his continued spat, the movement gave up Wroe, who immigrated to the United States and then went to Australia where his mission continued to have followers.In 1856, he deceived his followers, insisting that they wore a gold ring and had to buy it from him at the full price of gold.The ring was originally made of base metal and was almost worthless.
The last twist of the story is evident in the death of John Volo.On 1862, he fell on a ship bound for Australia and injured his shoulder.In February 1863, he died in Collingwood, Melbourne.
On February, he was buried in the public grave of the \"other sects\" section of Melbourne General Cemetery.The Christian Israeli Church continues in Australia (in Lake Macquarie, Singleton, Sydney, Trigg, Windsor, and Melbourne), one in Poland, and one in the United States, in the congregation of Indiana, they still claim that Wroe is their founder.Poor Irish shipyard and Shoemaker born in 1781.
He used to be a follower of George Turner, and when he read about the free-thinking publisher Richard Carlisle\'s attack on the New Testament Christ, his faith in Southcott was shaken.In the end, he decided that the Bible was not a historical document, but a prophecy, a prophecy of future events, and that the narrative of the birth of Jesus was a parable..\"Ward finally convinced himself that, as predicted in the Gospels, he was indeed the second coming of Jesus, the son of God, mainly because he was born on Christmas Day and his mother\'s name was Mary.
What is even more wonderful is Ward\'s belief that, in fact, he was Satan before becoming Christ, and the devil is now the son of God.All the scriptures suggest his multiple roles.He is Adam, Judah and Elijah.There is no name in the Bible that I may not properly apply to myself.
Due to the many texts using the name Zion, he chose the name for himself and changed his name to \"Zion Ward \".Ward was previously locked up in the workhouse and supported his mission by publishing a variety of literature and leaflets, fleeing the talking followers.He traveled the country to preach his unique Messiah, including attacks on landlords, governments and established churches.
He is a very attractive speaker and his mission has received considerable support (estimated to be 100,000 people at a time ).March 1837.Long after his death, loyal followers continued to support him until 1921 supporters published his book, The sheroites.By that time, there was no public mission, and a few believers simply read his book and thought about his message.
.The final phase of the South Cote movement began in 1907 with the participation of four women who became skilled propagandists of the movement.They are Alice Seymour, who edits the books of Southcott;Rachel Fox, Quaker memberHer friend Helen Exeter received spiritual messages about Joanna Southcott\'s sealed box;Maybelle (oketavia) is the widow of the Anglican priest, the godson of the poet Coventry Patmore.Mabel Barltrop pestered countless priests and bishops and asked them to open the boxes of Southcott.
She teamed up with Helen Exeter, who claimed to receive spiritual messages through automatic writing, and told her she would be HiLo\'s mother.Barltrop was the eighth prophet who adopted the name, Octavia.Oktaviya has set up a settlement in Bedford, and many supporters of the emerging women\'s political movement have joined her.
She went on to plead with the bishop to open the box of Southcott and study the words and prophecies inside.For 20 years she has been promoting through leaflets, posters and petitions.March.However, unless all bishops are prepared to spend a whole week studying the content, the followers of Octavia are not satisfied.
It is no surprise that Bishop Carpenter did not agree and the matter was put on hold.This is the famous box closest to the official review that South Cote has always wanted.By that time, her followers had declared oktaviya to be Shiro.
By the age of 1920, she had a team of 36 residents in Bedford, with a large group of followers in the UK, Australia and the United States.In 1923, the movement took a new direction due to a minor accident.One night, oktaviya seemed to try to swallow a pill, but it slipped away and rolled under the cupboard.
Still, she drank a glass of water and prayed that it would serve as a pill.When it happened, her inner voice declared that God had given her the power to heal.Since then, the community has prepared a small linen square containing the breath of prayer.
\\ \"These things are to be immersed in the water and bring healing when you drink wine or pour it on the wound.The community has adopted the name \"Panacea Society\" and is convinced that because of this, they have universal remedies for all diseases.Despite the availability of Universal Medicine, she passed away in 1934, but her actions continue.
The Wonderful Story of Jezreel\'s Tower was built after the revelation of God.White published a book called the flight volume (derived from the sagalia book) outlining his new letter.In Rev.8: 2. Seven Angels were given seven trumpets before the end of the day.
According to White, these angels are seven prophets.The top five were brother Richard, Joanna Southcott, George Turner, William Shaw and John Warrow.James White is the sixth Angel.It is necessary to find another prophet, and only in this way will Shero appear on Earth.
When Private White left India, he often wrote to Clarrisa Rogers, one of his most enthusiastic disciples.It seems that their relationship has become very close, just a few weeks after he returned to England in December 17, 1881, White married Clarrisa at the Medway registry in Chatham.Clarissa, who is now a jizleff, changed her Christian name to Esther.
The address given to the groom and bride by the couple is No. 2 Copenhagen Road, Jilin Ham, where they all stayed for a while.From there, they planned their grand event to bring converts and cash to the \"new and later homes in Israel.
At first, Jezreel thought about continuing John Wroe\'s job in Ashton.under-Lyne.After returning to England, he went to Wrenthorpe in Yorkshire and handed over to the trustee of the \"Christian Israelis\" a copy of the \"flight roll\" to read, but to his surprise, not only did they reject it, they burned it as a sign of disgust.After the Yorkshire defeat, jizreer returned to Gilham, where he is now determined to establish his UK headquarters.
He desperately needed more converts to help those in large numbers, so he made a bold decision to preach in the United States.In fact, while jizler was in India, Clarissa himself went to the United States, where the Christian Israelis of John Foro had a firm foothold, especially in other areas near Michigan and the Great Lake District.The jezloff woman arranged to meet with Noah Drew, a Michigan farmer who Clarissa had met before in the United States.
They planned a trip to the Gospel.
However, there were six carriages, a big tent, and hundreds of benches that didn\'t work either, they met a lot of hostility and even fell down with Noah Drew, very frustrated, they returned to England.Jezreel spent a lot of time in 1882, with 1883 people traveling and visiting towns and towns in England and Scotland looking for converts, but it was not very successful either.In May 1883, jezler traveled to Australia, where John Foro established many Christian Israeli communities.
He was more successful this time and got a lot of converts.However, he quickly returned to the UK determined to establish a central headquarters for the sect.A conference hall opens at the junction of Nelson and Napier Road in Jilin Ham, where services are held for the public every Sunday night and afternoon.
The open service became very popular and they had musical accompaniment to the harp, violin, Piccolos and harmonies.He used to wear a red hat and a big belt decorated with golden keys, swords and stars.He held the iron bar in one hand and the key to St.
Peter in the other.
The young virgin girl tied her hair in a white hat.In October, White joined a small branch of the Southern Kota sect of Christian Israelis in Chatham, led by a Haide couple who claimed to be a new house in Israel.Soon after, White wrote a manuscript called the \"flight volume\" and took over the church.
White adopted the name James Jerome Jezreel and persuaded the believers that he was the messenger of the Lord.In 1881, he finally completed his military service, and he began to build a headquarters for his church.In his plan, and to provide employment for his followers, to provide income for his church, in the surrounding area, there are plans for shops, in addition, he also provides accommodation for the Israeli Academy of International Studies, a school that has been established in his new home on Gilham Woodlands Road.
Many of his followers, known as Jezreelites, are businessmen and shopkeepers who initially donated their money and assets to the cause and still make a living, and the shops around the new tower are for that purpose.The community is thriving, running a German bakery with good quality, a professional tea maker, and having another branch in London, carpenters, carpenters and wheelers, dairy products and delivery services, jeweler print and live print companies and shoemaker.They also opened a dairy farm near woodland and a fruit and vegetable fruit shop at Portland Square on Marylebone Street in London.
This significant change in fortune encouraged jezley to instruct his 1400 followers to build a magical temple, sanctuary, great hall and headquarters for the new House of the latter in Israel, like the name of the church now.The city is square and its length is as large as its width...The length and width and height are equal.
This will produce an absolutely huge cuboid structure, so they are forced to re-Think about the project and be persuaded by the architect that it would be wise to scale the building down from 144 feet cubic meters to 124 feet square meters and 120 feet square meters.Jezreel purchased six and a half acres of land from the rock freehold land Association.(Hence the street name Rock Avenue) he paid 700 for it and hired Mr Margetts from ChathamThe famous architect\'s office made plans for the tower.
To produce a very solid structure, it will be constructed using steel beams and concrete, with decorative little yellow bricks and eight castellated blocks.Trumpets and flying rolls, crossed the sword of spirit and the feathers of the Prince of Wales, will be engraved on the panels of the outer walls.On the foundation, a huge underground room must be built for general storage, elevator machinery (Evans Elevator Co.
, Ltd.
, almost certainly Leicester) and coalThe system, unexpectedly, has a bakery that uses waste heat.On the floor above, they have to install 12important high-speed steam-Electric flat and Letterpress (not confirmed yet, but most likely Koenig ).These documents are required to produce thousands of flight rolls and other documents that are essential to the work of the sect.
The basement above is a circular meeting room, a huge circular theater, which is said to hold 5,000 people on several floors.A circular platform with a diameter of 25ft in the center of the assembly room floor was designed to rise to a height of 30 ft under hydraulic action.On top of it, the choir and missionaries will spin slowly so that they can perform in all the places of the amphitheater.
However, as you approach it, the drama of a voice will disappear in such a large room.To overcome this, strong-The vocal followers located around the amphitheater will repeat the sermon at the same time, making a chilling ethereal sound.There is a glass dome on the roof with a diameter of 94 feet, which is invisible from the outside of the building.
The dome supported by 12 steel bars will be 100ft above the floor and illuminated by a rotating electric lantern with a diameter of 45ft.This is the only light source as there are no external windows in the room.There are three circular galleries or balconies under the dome.
The curved space between the dome and the exterior wall will be used for offices, reading rooms and other non-The gas and electricity were lit in a specific room.Starting outside the building, the meeting room will be approached by eight steps, each leading to the main gate in the center on both sides of the building.The whole building is non-When the last trumpet rings, combustible materials designed to protect the Jezreelites are drenched in the rain, destroying the rest of humanity.
The cornerstone was laid in September 19, 1885 with a glass container containing documents embedded in it.Jezreel plans to turn the land around the tower into a beautiful Ningjing garden and build two solemn treesFrom tower to Nelson Road, from the other to the Boulevard at the junction of Canterbury Street and watlin Street make it the focus of the area.January 1885.Many stories about Jezreelites are circulating, and most of them are not confirmed because they are kind, honest and peaceful people.
There have been some riots, but this was provoked by more brutal elements in the local area.The possible principle that the Jezreelites Temple does not have behind the living room is that it will form a huge ladder in the \"Day After\" (claiming to be coming in 1895) they will be drawn to heaven by their hair (which is said to have not been cut by their nails.All of this is not on the record by the sect and is a very standard \"rapture\" scene, although it is well known that they stop cutting the hair that wraps around under the purple velvet hat.
Unexpectedly, James Jezreel was ill and died of an aneurysm before the completion of Taki (possibly alcohol-induced)Although he banned his sect from drinking, it was related to the disease.Jezreelites did not appear to have publicly mourned his death: as they had expected, the resurrection in quite a short period of time (which was in 3-5 days).He was buried in an unmarked grave at the Grange Road Cemetery near his home in Geely ham, and years later he was still with his wife.
He certainly has an outstanding accountant, as all the property he declared at the time of the probate was only £ 44 pounds.At the beginning of 1886, many of the foundations of tower towers were completed and some peripheral buildings were occupied.With the soaring cost of construction, Clarissa reduced departmental spending and achieved significant economic benefits in the budget to feed and maintain followers.
She found that although Jezreelites run the food business, their feeding costs were particularly high and announced that the sect would become a vegetarian, living on cheap bread and vegetables.Obviously, this economic drive does not apply to her and she continues to live a very comfortable life.From her printIn 1887, she began publishing a monthly magazine called The Messenger of wisdom and the Guide to Israel.
She continued to develop the campaign effectively, opened the Jezreel church in many areas and hired vendors to spread the literary work of the campaign across the country.Queen esther, as she changed her name herself, often sees her in expensive fashion outfits in the area, sitting on coaches and double or horseback riding.Inevitably, this led to a disagreement, with the number of followers starting to decrease at one point as high as 1,400.
After a legal case involving Noah Drew, there were only 160 jizreilly left, an American farmer who had used all his money and assets for thisOn June 1888, Esther Jezreel, 28, was ill and a lamb doctor who could not do anything for her took care of her.She soon died of kidney disease (peritonitis) and was buried in her husband\'s grave.Her coffin is made of 1-inch thick oak and 1-Inch Elm housing and heavy duty brass fittings.
The coffin was covered with purple clouds.In her will, all the remaining total of Jezreel\'s wealth is only £ 33.He tried to take over the new leader but failed.
In the end, he set up his own team, called \"Mrs. new eyenne,\" which he described as a striking appearance with long white Hu and a moustache, long flowing hair, wear a suit made of bright blue material.He claimed to be the messenger of God \".At this stage, more than 30 pounds have been spent on land and construction, and it is estimated that more than 30 pounds will be needed to complete it.
A large sum of money was owed to various contractors and they could not pay.The debris left by the sect and the work on the tower were suspended forever.Towers and peripheral buildings in unfinished condition were sold in 1897, but the bid failed to meet the asking price, which had been six years before finding a buyer.
By then, Jezreelites had fewer than 70 sheep, and some sects rented part of the building.King Ben, who was expelled from the Detroit community, set up his own house in Port Benton, Michigan, called \"David\'s house \".The commune has been thriving for several years and their orchestras and baseball teams are known for their successful bearded players.
David\'s home is the best.
Eden Springs, known for its amusement parks, attracts about 500,000 visitors at its peak each year.There\'s another world-The famous aviary and Zoo have lions, tigers and bears. they have built narrow-track railway, and visitors can visit these facilities on the railway.
However, in 1926, the problem began when the community had 900 followers.It is strange that four years ago Purnell no longer appeared in public and disappeared outside of sight (supposedly in the chamber of secrets under the commune), but on 1926, after a thread --Beside Bessie Daniels, he was arrested while police raided community headquarters and charged with having sex with underage women, but died on 1927 before the trial ended.(Community rules even prohibit sex between husband and wife, but allow sex with virgins and brides from the age of 14.
) A lengthy investigation into colonial affairs followed by lengthy court proceedings.In 1927, the colony was declared a public nuisance and went into bankruptcy.Pernell and his wife, Mary, were banned from further dealings with the colony, and Benjamin Pernell died.
December 1927.
It is said that his body is a mummy, hidden in a glass coffin, waiting for his resurrection.However, there is reason to suspect that the King, who is worth tens of millions and faces long-term imprisonment, died deliberately and became unknown.Mary Pernell began a long legal struggle for the return of the colony\'s property and reached a settlement in 1930.
Judge H.
After Pernell\'s arrest, he took over control and renamed it David\'s old house.August 1953) and her followers set up a second community, the House of Israel of David, not far away, later known as the city of Mali of David.These two situations continue until now.An Australian branch of David\'s house also survived as a Christian Israeli Church based in Sydney.
(See John Wroe ).
By 1905, the jezreilly had been unable to pay the rent, and the city people recovered the building and began to dismantle it.The tower was found to be so well designed and built that the demolition work was very slow and expensive and only a lot of steel work was worth scrapping.Probably because of this, the contractor went bankrupt and the tower was in a state of high descent and abandonment until it was completely dismantled in 1961.
When the removal of the tower was completed, the sealed vessel containing religious sect documents was retrieved from under the cornerstone.The documents of the new house and back house in Israel, which was established in 1875, are now part of the Medway Archives and the collection of local research its existence, the tower is a dramatic landmark and religious symbol for anyone living in the area.
In addition to being the subject of many photographic postcards, it was also painted by Tristram Hillier as part of a series of Royal Dutch Shell posters in 1937.A copy was held at the Tate Britain in London.Although it seems to me that the painting is not an accurate description of the building, nor does it convey the mystery of the building.
The entire land and remaining buildings were purchased by Gillingham Co-in 1920Changed the low operating SocietyThe high-rise building part of Canterbury Street became a shop and used the remaining building as a shoe factory.The tower itself cannot achieve any useful purpose and continues to be idle.(for anti-, Using 1474 kHz (203.5 m), 0.05-10kW.The tower was eventually demolished in 1961 and, unfortunately, a worker was killed and 100 tons of concrete fell on him during the demolition process.
There are only a few recognizable related buildings left on Canterbury Street, and there is also a road named after the sect.Part of the website becomes an electronic device.Electroplating plant, owned by Smith Logo Company, until L.
Robinson & Co (Gillingham) Ltd.
in 1967/68 as part of the group they are known for their product Jubilee Clips.This is the site of Los Angeles.Robinson & Co.July 1968.On 2008, any remaining buildings related to the tower were demolished
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