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The Tale Of Young \'Tolkien\' Adopts The Language Of A Standard Biopic

by:COSCO     2019-08-14
Let\'s make it clear from the very beginning that film is not History and Biographical literature is free.
Not being free means not shaping the material of life to make it dramatic, so you will never have such a scene in which, for example, a young Torkin and his fellow university announce eternal devotion
Declare their friendship as friendship.
\"I guess that\'s not the case with that coin.
But if you know that this person will write a book later called friendship of rings, you might want him to have a conversation in college.
The film literally links a story about a man whose imagination is supported, but for the fact that Tolkien\'s early life is fairly accurate: he was born in South Africa and his hometown.
His mother went to school in England after his father died.
He was eventually admitted to Oxford, where he had to go to Joseph Wright (Derek Jacobi)
Let him take a linguistics class.
Director Dome Karukoski made it all with saturated colors, Edward-era wallpaper and BRICS moviesa-
Brac is so gorgeous that it starts to look like a character in itself.
This is in sharp contrast to the trenches of the First World War, and the script reminds Tolkien of his fever and illusion when he was young, so the flame --
The thrower becomes a dragon, and the trees look like ants in training.
The movie is filled with such a middle
Tour of the Earth-
Peter Jackson has as many movies as books.
Also: a joke.
When Nicolas Holt\'s Tolkien said he was going to see his opera
One of his friends snorted with ridicule, \"it shouldn\'t take six hours to tell a story about the ring.
\"Nevertheless, it may be understandable that Tolkien Manor is not interested in this biographical film --
Not only is it simplified and fabricated like a biography.
Nor did the manor like the film of Peter Jackson.
Seven years ago, as was the first of the three films of The Hobbit, the author\'s son Christopher, complained that commercialism was reducing the \"aesthetic and philosophical impact\" of his father\'s literature \".
He told the French newspaper Le Monde, \"Tolkien has become a monster, swallowed up by his own popularity and absorbed by the absurdity of our time.
\"That\'s right, although this absurdity doesn\'t stop Amazon from selling the copyright of the Lord of the Rings TV series for US dollars.
Nor does it keep the author great
Play the soldier\'s grandson Callum in the trenches. .
In the movie Tolkien
It should also not stop you from reading these novels, whose breadth and splendor are unlikely to be captured in any dozen biographies or films.
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