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the ten commandments of wedding planning

by:COSCO     2020-06-25
Whether or not you follow the actual Ten Commandments, these are what you really need if you plan a wedding! 1.
You shouldn\'t share one of the most important and important times with everyone --
A spending job owned by a planner is working on a comprehensive schedule for this big day.
I start this schedule at least a month before the wedding and work with each participating vendor to incorporate them into the schedule.
This means coordination with stylists, transport transfers, rental equipment, flowers and decorations, DJs and musicians, photographers and videographers, etc.
The timing of one supplier depends on the timing of the other supplier, and the schedule is not just something that is sorted out in an hour, nor does it take into account the actual logistics of the day.
Hair stylist wants to start at a certain time for a reason, there is a reason for the transportation to pick up your guests at a certain time, everything is for a reason.
Personally, I give my couple at least a week to review (
More in some cases)
Before the wedding so they can ask any questions and we can make any necessary adjustments.
Once completed, hard copy and final copy will be obtained by all relevant suppliers.
Sometimes a couple will share the schedule with friends and/or family and will inevitably receive two cents.
I can\'t tell you the quantity of 2 a. m.
The week of the wedding I received an email from my client saying \"my father reviewed this and thought you should change some nonsense \".
The bottom line is that I won\'t tell them how to do their job and I certainly don\'t want to be told how to do my job.
This schedule is very intentional, well-crafted and takes weeks to prepare and complete.
There will never be me (
Or any other planner)
Very interested in guest reviews.
To avoid all this happening, don\'t share your schedule with anyone other than your other half.
Also, Aunt Sally doesn\'t need to know when the flowers are on the table.
The only time your guests need to know is already on your invitation. 2.
You don\'t listen to the first commandment related to wedding planning, the second one, the peanut chicken tone.
The moment you announced your engagement
Sometimes even before)
, You will start to hear that the colors you should consider are as vague as the suppliers you should hire.
When people find out I\'m the wedding planner, I always (
For real, always)
Get the same reaction: Wow!
It must be so magical and charming. Are you like J.
Watch the movie. . .
What is it called?
People have the concept of wedding planners and wedding planners, which in general is easy and fun, or both.
While some things are easy, fun, or both, planning a wedding requires a lot of work, a full-time job.
My full time job
Often, my planning skills are challenged directly or indirectly by relatives or friends.
Recently, a bride questioned me about her flower budget.
She insisted that one of her friends had twice as much money as she wanted, paying only $1,000.
I took a day to find this florist and asked him how he did it. The answer?
He was paid $11,000 plus travel expenses to several cities across the country.
$1,000 was the cost he spent as he had already received $10,000 to plan the entire wedding.
She was shocked when I brought this back to my bride and asked me why her friend lied to her.
The thing is this: your planner will be a little realistic to you.
Do them a favor and don\'t bring the peanut gallery into your plan.
In fact, if something similar happens to you, just tell them to stay silent. Seriously. 3.
You should keep the appointment and arrive on time after me: I am not my planner/DJ/photographer etc. only client.
As I said, the \"only customer syndrome\" is when customers forget that their planners and other vendors have someone else they are working.
They may even have a family, social life, a desire to sleep for at least 6 hours a night.
Always respect these people and remember that while you are paying them, you still have to treat them like you do with humans.
If you need to change your appointment, it will take at least 24 hours in advance, preferably 48 hours in advance. Why?
Because there are other clients and other jobs that need to be done.
Your time period (that 7 p. m.
On the night of the week that 30 other people want)
Need to stay on time, as it is likely that there will be other things to do with the supplier you met that day.
Obviously an emergency will happen, but I can\'t tell you the number of grandmothers who died during my years as a wedding planner.
Pick up the phone if you have to cancel, especially the late notice.
Don\'t text or email!
Having common courtesy to let others hear the sincerity in your voice will be of great help.
Of course, if you\'re late for a date, call someone to tell.
Then, when you arrive, understand that there may be an appointment after you, so no matter how many minutes you are late, your one-hour appointment is interrupted.
Similarly, other customers exist.
If you\'re late, you can\'t complain about being \"rushed through\" on a date, and you can\'t feel asshole about it. 4.
You can\'t lie to your planner. The planner is like your doctor or lawyer because you have to be honest.
They are on your side and want to do what is in your best interest.
However, if you hide your budget, why would you fail on a date, what is your real number of guests, or whatever, then you are really just hurting yourself
Chances are, your planner is in the office every day, or at least every other day working on your files.
Any work done by your planner using the information you provide is a waste.
Let\'s say if you tell me you want a live band and your budget is $10 k, I\'ll turn to my supplier manual/magic bag, and make a list of suggestions for bands with the style you want, available on both your wedding date and budget.
This will not happen 1-2-3.
Then, when I show you your choice, the last thing I want to hear is \"Can you find someone cheaper?
\"It basically makes me either go back to all of your options and ask for a cheaper option (
I did the initial work and totally wasted my time)
Or must start from scratch.
Other things I was cheated on?
The number of guests is really double the original number I got (
Change my site search)
, The reason for canceling the appointment (
Grandma is not really dead, just a good day for the beach)
The list continues.
Sometimes you may not know the answer when a planner asks you a question.
This is perfectly acceptable.
Tell them, you don\'t know, don\'t just make something up. 5.
You should pay attention to your planner\'s warning about a particular venue, and your planner can list 479 reasons why you shouldn\'t get married there?
Interested in a certain DJ, your planner made it clear that they were going to get rogue and get drunk and show up at the wedding?
Pay attention to the warning given to you by your planner.
When you are a compensation planner, you are paying for their experience, who they know and what they know.
You may read a wonderful review online, or your cousin (
Who is not a planner because they are never)
Recommend this \"perfect\" place you have to consider, but if there is a negative for your planner: listen!
I personally know a lot of suppliers and I know those that are easy to work with and others that are not able to work.
I am honest with my clients and tell them when to leave and I will even give the real reason why they should listen.
When my actual experience was questioned by the groomsmen, there was nothing worse than that, and he was basically saying, \"brother, trust me, this place is perfect, \"Go to a place where I know it\'s not going to achieve what you really want.
If you choose to ignore the warning given to you by your planner (
Confirm verbally and then confirm in writing if they are smart)
, Then you are not allowed to complain when everything crashes as predicted.
Oh, your maid of honor said the radio DJ you had to hire
Even though they have no wedding experience and can\'t get in touch and are too lazy to cover)
Get drunk and show up at your reception and screw up everyone\'s name, including your parents?
You can be angry with her or yourself. . .
But you won\'t be angry with your planners if they warn you. 6.
You don\'t complain about what you\'re not willing to pay during the planning process, and you may hear, at least once, \"You got what you paid.
\"Whether it\'s $40 k or $200 k, everyone has a budget --
And there are always couples who want to work together.
How much is it going to cost, and sometimes the things you want are expensive.
Just because you won\'t spend $1,500 on a pair of Jimmy Choo you want doesn\'t mean you\'ll cry for it.
What do you want is beyond your budget? Ok, fine.
When this happens, I work with my clients to adjust their budget and decide if we can allocate funds for what they want.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn\'t work.
Generally speaking, it is easy to give a range of prices in any supplier category.
For example, a professional videographer with two cameras and the ability to edit a dvd in the New York area will start at $4,000, up to $10,000.
It\'s just a fact that can be applied to everyone in the wedding industry. (
Yes, there are exceptions, but they are very few and often book in advance. )
When you start planning, you most likely don\'t know the cost of anything.
Giving you an idea is the job of your planner so you can compare it to your budget or use that information to make your budget.
However, once this step is done, you need to accept the fact that if you are simply unwilling or unable to pay for what you want.
Meditate, do yoga, drink a glass of vodka, do whatever you need to do to overcome the fact that you don\'t get the floral device you see on Pinterest, because it\'s more than you want or can spend.
If you do not have financial resources, you will not be able to enter the elephant.
That\'s simple.
So if the answer to the complaint is basically: this can be done, write the check and you can\'t complain about what you didn\'t get. 7.
You should inform the right person that you have hired a planner and how do I say \"right?
The reason is because there are people like this in everyone\'s life, and sometimes there are people like this, whose chin hits the floor and their eyes roll back in the head, when they found out they hired a wedding planner, they had diarrhea verbally.
This goes back to the fact that all planners are like J.
Everything is fascinating in this movie, and the people who hire planners are throwing 6 numbers.
I asked my bride to come to me and tell me how their cousin couldn\'t believe they hired a planner, what might they need a planner to do?
For many, this is seen as a \"fake job\", which is ridiculous for me and any other planner who works full-time professionally.
It\'s not all to pick out linens and taste appointments (
Anyway, there are a lot of not going.
We have a lot of time in the office dealing with major logistics and contract negotiations.
Just last week, I was in the office and didn\'t start working out the schedule until eleven o\'clock P. M.
For anyone, it sounds like a fascinating time to recreate the fourth seat table?
Because it\'s not.
That said, some people do need to know that you choose to hire a planner.
These people include: immediate family members participating in the ceremony, your wedding party, and any vendors you hire yourself.
As a planner, I usually have a rehearsal a day or two before the wedding, which is more difficult when every participant doesn\'t know who I am.
As a substitute teacher, I usually get the same amount of respect.
Ask these people to raise their heads and let them know who is responsible for the details on the day of the rehearsal and wedding.
Another thing you need to tell them: your planner is not their personal servant.
My team and I snapped at us with our fingers, threw the shoes to us and handed us the diaper bag \". . .
The list continues.
It\'s not my job, and frankly, your friends and family will have to figure out something else without a planner.
Also, we don\'t want to touch your bridesmaid\'s wallet and your uncle\'s jacket. Why?
Because even if they get drunk and lose again, we are responsible for it.
Sorry we won\'t do that and make sure they know it\'s your job.
Any supplier you hire before the planner is hired-
You need to inform them of the presence of the planner.
I had the vendor ignore my phone and email because even though I fully explained that I was the wedding planner, my client never told them about me.
This is a good start. Not! 8.
You should tell the suppliers you hired before to play NiceThere, it is impossible for the planners you hired to know every supplier in this area, it means there\'s a good chance they don\'t know about your stylist, DJ or someone else you hireplanner.
Since there are some planners who basically take over other vendors without considering other vendors, except that many brides decide to be a planner simply because they plan their own wedding, many suppliers and venues have rejected planners.
I even had a venue coordinator say to me in front of my client (
They booked the venue first)
Next, \"I\'m not sure how they do things in Jersey, but we don\'t need wedding planners here because we deal with everything.
\"This is in New York, by the way.
I am happy that my client has heard this because it is an attitude that I deal with a lot, especially when I have previously booked a venue or a supplier.
In fact, many of the vendors I work with have made it clear that I am the only planner they care about working with because of how much respect I have for them.
There are a lot of great planners out there who are all able to work well with suppliers, but some bad apples will ruin the pile.
Whatever you book before the planner, make sure you notify them in your email and introduce your planner by asking them and including their contact information.
The supplier needs to know, you are happy to hand control over to the planner, what is the amount.
What\'s even more tricky is that after you hire a planner, you hire a vendor and completely disregard their advice.
Even if you have a planner, many vendors will have a general attitude if they are hired, that is, they don\'t need to communicate with your planner.
This is because you have sent messages that you do not trust/Like/use your planner\'s advice.
Since the planner has to make a schedule and involves all suppliers, please make sure your supplier is aware of the need to maintain open communication at all times. 9.
You won\'t spend countless hours on Pinterest, pinning the Pinterest boards of all clients I personally care about on \"crazy.
I also set it up and I get alerts on my phone when they lock something new.
This led to a number of calls like this, \"I suggest you remove that pin unless you just paid an extra $50,000 \".
Pinterest is great for inspiration and ideas, but it could turn into something crazy in the next few hours or even days.
Yes, it would be great to have a ceremony in the aisle of an infinity pool.
It will also be expensive, difficult, and accompanied by a lot of problems.
You see a finished product on Pinterest with no price tag.
Sometimes it\'s hard for customers to imagine a \"reduced\" version of what they want because they\'re visually stimulated and if they don\'t actually see what they get, they don\'t want it.
That\'s why Pinterest is so popular: you can see what you want, bring it to your florist, planner, or anyone, and say \"do this \".
Sadly, sometimes these flowers are not available or, outside your price range, the transparent top frame tent is about $30 k.
It\'s best to set aside a certain amount of time each week for your wedding plan, including the time you spend on Pinterest.
Otherwise, you\'ll fall into the rabbit hole and it\'s easy to start making a wish for something you never thought you wanted (
You probably haven\'t)
And may not be able to afford it. 10.
You should write comments later.
The wedding was over and everything was spectacular and you came back from your honeymoon.
You are writing a thank you card for your guests and the vendors and planners you hire are distant memories.
As a married couple, you are busy continuing your life and returning to work without planning a wedding.
You then start receiving emails from these vendors asking if you would write a review.
You will not delete the message because \"you will receive it. . .
Except that you never did.
Think back to your wedding planning process and all the emails, text messages and phone calls you sent.
How fast is the reaction?
Can you always hear it?
One of the reasons you hired your planner is their incredible online review?
All of these questions illustrate why it is correct to write a review and do it in a timely manner.
Of course, everyone is busy and you are no longer in wedding mode, but these vendors will continue to work for more weddings and they need your review to help them get hired.
If you read any of the reviews then you know how important they are.
Remember: a good way to thank the vendors for their help is to make sure you write your review and post it where they ask for it.
There are many awards that many suppliers are pursuing, and they depend on a certain number of positive evaluations.
When you plan, is it as interesting as the nail tube and the fold photo? No.
However, if those logistical emails you send to your planner or other suppliers, last minute changes, and other issues are addressed (
Believe me, these are not fun either)
And then review can also be processed.
When I was asked to write a review, how many clients completely disappeared on the planet after the wedding did surprise me, just a few weeks ago you could be at two in the morningm.
And interrupt their DingTalk sessions and talk schedules.
Please write a comment.
Most vendors will even send you an email with a link. . . .
All you have to do is click on it, type a few words and click send.
If you send them an email every 15 hours of ceiling during the planning process, you can take 15 minutes to type in the comments.
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