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Time for a guaranteed income?

by:COSCO     2019-08-19
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 8/6/2016 (1089 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
At the opening of World Expo 67 in Montreal on April 1967, it showed a futuristic dome of the ground wire.
Star Trek uses technologies like voice to attract audiences
Identification and machine
A supported medical diagnostic system.
The children\'s TV cartoon \"The Jetsons family\" envisions the future of robots and aircraft.
In the space age, the future looks promising, dreaming of increasing leisure time as robots take over the most mundane jobs and services.
This did happen in 2016.
The ATM replaced the bank teller.
Pressing \"1\" means the end of hearing a human voice on the phone.
Brush the bar code instead of the cashier.
But the future is not bright, because automation has caused unemployment and wage stagnation, which is expected to continue.
This is why the discussion about ensuring annual income (GAI)
It looks more vivid.
Cover the same selfexplanatory;
Whether individuals work or not, they will get basic money.
This amount will decrease as personal wages rise until it finally stops.
It will replace other social projects such as welfare and subsidized housing, and ease the need for bureaucratic networks that these projects bring.
This is not a particularly new idea.
Basic annual income experiment in ManitobaMincome —
Implemented in some rural communities in dau, Winnipeg and Manitoba in the 1970 s.
Some say this is very successful, and the researchers point out that higher educational outcomes and lower rates of admission.
People don\'t stop working together because their income is too low, but quoting Evelyn, an economist at the University of Manitoba, forget that income is \"enough to add some cream to coffee.
\"Other economists are not so active, and they believe that since the project has only been running for three years, it is difficult to determine its long termterm effects.
As M economist Gregory Mason said, it is also very expensive.
Some also pointed out that savings would increase when implementing welfare, health care and other social programs.
There has never been a simple answer to economics.
Earlier this week, Swiss voters rejected a proposal to implement a guaranteed annual income.
There is a pilot project to be launched in the Netherlands in January 2017 and Finland is also reviewing this long term
The term effect of policy.
Maybe Canada should do the same.
In Manitoba, the Conservative Party has taken positive measures to improve the prospects of low-income people
In January, the income group exempted from basic personal income tax was increased.
2017, this will remove 2,770 low
Earn income from the tax roster.
At the same time, however, the budget released last month ruled out the possibility of raising the minimum wage.
Go forward, back.
Poverty remains a problem in the province, with the highest rate of child poverty in the country.
Many people come from singleParents and families.
Many are indigenous people.
As jobs disappear, what will their future look like?
The gap between the rich and the poor seems to be widening.
While layoffs were the norm in the oil and gas industry last year, the CEO of Encana performed well, earning $0. 112 billion.
He joined the country\'s top 100.
Paid chief executive with increased salary in 2015. One executive —
Michael Pearson, former CEO of Valeant Pharma
His salary rose 1,512 to $0. 182 billion.
By contrast, Canada\'s average income in 2013 was around $47,358, which has remained stable since 1980.
Now is the time for Canada to rethink, breaking the cycle of poverty and ensuring that the middle class is not bound by the bill.
Despite the best efforts made by the government and social policy experts, we can\'t seem to find a way to make poverty history.
Maybe the cover is the route to go.
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