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tips to get the most out of wedding marquees

by:COSCO     2020-06-16
Compared to traditional wedding venues such as churches and hotel function rooms, there are many benefits to choosing a wedding tent.
For example, if you have a wedding in a tent, you can completely personalize it by using floral arrangements, guest seats, mood lighting, ambient background music, and even the location of the stage and live band area.
By hiring a frame tent for your wedding, you can design a lot of styles for all aspects of your wedding venue, or even the exterior style of the tent itself.
rental companies usually offer interior decoration, and some offer multiple exterior decorations to enhance the area around the structure tent.
For example, some tent rental companies offer temporary props and picketing fences related to the wedding to increase the grade of the wedding entrance.
Choosing the right furniture for your wedding is a key part of creating an elegant impression that can make your wedding guests feel welcome and relaxed.
There are many different types of wedding furniture to rent for your tent, from standard dining chairs to stylish gold antique chairs with cushions.
Some large rental companies even offer recliner chairs for different areas inside your wedding venue.
For example, you may have an area specially prepared for older people who need more comfortable seats during day activities and need more relaxed seats than the right dining chairs.
In addition, you may find that you need a children\'s play area and need children-sized seats and toys to keep them in place during presentations and presentations.
Nowadays, more and more people want more complicated entertainment at weddings.
Wedding tents are ideal for all types of entertainment equipment as they allow you to set up the stage, audio-visual display and live band you want inside the tent.
This is possible because the advantage of modern tent design is that there is no support bar in the tent area to support the ceiling.
The frame tent is supported by a rigid frame visible along the tent wall.
In order to really make the most of the wedding tent, it is best to choose to host your entire wedding in the tent, from the initial party, the wedding lunch, the actual wedding ceremony, dinner and wedding reception later in the evening.
All of these elements of your wedding can be held in tents as you have room to arrange each part in different areas such as ceremonies, dining areas and disco areas.
Obviously, having a wedding in a tent can make your day a memorable one.
You can design Marquis with your own theme and internal layout to make your guests feel welcome and have the space to relax and enjoy your wedding.
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