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Today\'s hostels for all ages

by:COSCO     2019-08-13
Many travelers are thinking: \"Youth Hostel . . . . . . Can we still do that?
\"You can: Many hotels are packed with travelers in their 20 s
Age limit is usually the thing of the past.
Even the International Youth Hostel Federation has removed the word \"youth\" from its name and is now known as the International Youth Hostel (HI).
You are young enough if you are still alive.
Young backpackers can sleep safely and comfortably without paying for the hotel.
It\'s still an idea, but hotels are more comfortable as Europe gets richer --
More expensive but more privacy and benefits.
While the cheapest bed is still in the big dorm, where you may have 10 or more roommates, the hostel offers smaller rooms these days (
Singles and Doubles included)
And a better shower. to-bed ratio.
The hostel is great for budget-tight solo travelers.
The hotel also offers instant circles of potential new friends from all over the world, making it easy for you to find companions during dinner or sightseeing.
For families who want to share a big room and cook their own meals, they are also great --
Enjoy good food at grocery prices.
Many hotels also offer simple breakfast and cheap meals (
Often in home style settings)
And a fully equipped kitchen is provided.
Some big, old
Cheap buffet at school Inn
Style dinner while many newer restaurants have an affordable restaurant on site.
Travelers can also communicate in public areas
Whether it\'s a lounge or a study room that stores board games and borrow libraries.
European hotels belonging to the historic International Youth Hostel organization are usually large, institutional, clean and tidyorganized.
Independent hotels tend to be more accommodating (
Or crumbling, depending on the location).
Although the HI Hotel usually divides travelers into the same-
Separate dormitories usually have co-educational dormitoriesed dorms (
But it could be for women.
Only dormitory).
I spend most of my time in Northern Europe, where the place is more comfortable and more exciting than the hotel\'s savings.
This is especially true in the Nordic countries, where there are some of the best hostels in Europe.
In any northern European city you will find 16-from the huge harbor-
Storey Danqing hostel in the city of storey Hagan goes to Langholmen Hostel in Stockholm, a former prison in a lovely park on an island with converted cells as rooms.
You will find some unforgettable choices.
Af Chapman hostel in Stockholm allows you to stay at a100-year-old schooner.
European hostel Helsinki offers a complimentary morning sauna.
Galaxy Pod hostel in Reykjavik, guests can have their own space-
Age sleep capsule.
Although I\'m not usually in Southern Europe (
Less common places and budget hotels are easier to find)
I am an exception in Lisbon, which is known for its boutique hotels.
These \"design hotels\" are big and stylish, and have artistic talent, which is a special feature of Lisbon.
In addition to the bed in the dormitory, most of them have additional facilities such as double rooms and bicycle rental and movie night. My favourite —
Destination Lisbon Hostel
The Rossio train station upstairs.
Stylish and quiet room with astrological lounge-
Bean bag chair and hammock
Under the glass canopy of the industrial age.
The living room is as stylish as the Lisbon Lounge: these are owned by a group of Portuguese artists with unique rooms.
It\'s fun to check each room online and choose a room that suits your style.
Some of the best hostels are in remote settings.
For example, St.
Briavels Castle Lodge is located in a quiet village on the Welsh/English border, which will make you at 800-year-
Old Norman Castle
Martin cottage in Gryon, Switzerland is a country-style resort with several special private rooms (
Including tents with beds)
And amazing mountain views.
At Eplet Bed & Apple Hostel in Sorbonne, Norway, you will enjoy a country house with friendly hosts, raspberries-and-
Apple Farm and stunning fjord landscape.
One of my most beautiful travel memories is a famous European youth hostel along the Rhine River in Germany-Stach Lake Castle-as a guest house.
Imagine the thrill of spending only about $50 a night on the 12 th bed --
Century castle on top of the mountain
Town Bacharach above level 350-
End your day with a drink on your own Rhine Riverview balcony.
Travelers of all ages should consider being a hostel.
While you may be sacrificing some luxury and privacy, you may be able to gather colorful new friends, insights and experiences.
Rick @ ricksteves.
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