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top 10 luxury wedding venues to hold a 5 star wedding

by:COSCO     2020-07-26
When it comes to the top ten luxury wedding venues for a five-star wedding, there may be a place in the world where every bride\'s wedding dream can be realized.
These I have chosen here represent a variety of options, each offering a unique perspective on classic weddings.
The top ten luxury wedding venues I chose for a five-star tents wedding include: 1.
Hamwari Wildlife SanctuarySouth Africa 2.
Ice hotels in Quebec
Leipig dome, New Zealand 4.
Plantation Beach in dobago
Great Wall of China 6.
IHG 7 Hong Kong.
Four Seasons Hotel New York 8.
9 Lushen Castle, Mando.
BUSA National Park, Portugal
Preghiera in Umbria, ItalyShamwari Wildlife Sanctuary.
South Africa enjoys a real African wedding reception in a fence made of reed, known as boma.
Take part in a game event to meet with the minister who will provide you with wedding services at the top of the mountain, nothing around you except the sights and sounds of Africa.
The happy couple and their wedding guests live at Longley Manor in shamvari private wildlife sanctuary, South Africa.
Of course, of all the top 10 luxury wedding venues for a five-star wedding, this game reserve in South Africa stands out for its complete uniqueness.
You can organize this wedding venue from Thomas Cook\'s signature at a cost of £ 407 per couple of three
$3,624 accommodation. 70.
The Ice Hotel in Quebec gives a new meaning to the white wedding!
This location is only open every year from January to April, making Ice hotel a particularly unique location perfect for being one of the top 10 luxury wedding venues for a 5 star wedding
If you like ice, that\'s it!
As its name suggests, the wedding venue is completely carved from the ice.
It may be a luxurious wedding location, but it is far from an expensive choice.
Of course, the cost of your guest\'s accommodation, plus the cost of the wedding reception and the cost of the ticket.
However, the cost of getting married at the Ice Hotel is only £ 750, equivalent to $1,129. 41 USD;
Plus $320.
Pay $76 for registrar.
Leipig Dome, New Zealand, we can\'t fully arrange to marry you on the top of Mount Michigan, but you can have the next best thing!
The World Heritage Site is located in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, where you will find the Leipig dome as a snow field with a surreal view.
You have up to 6 guests transported by helicopter to this southern winter wonderland where you can get married at the top of the Southern world.
The wedding package includes the cost of a helicopter flight and a registrar to marry you.
The price includes your wedding night at the Hotel Hermitage: beauty spa, manicure and massage, and breakfast and dinner.
This luxurious location ranges from £ 785 or $5,700 per couple.
This is really suitable to be included in the top 10 luxury wedding venues held 5-star wedding.
The Plantation Beach in Tobago is the next place for our top ten luxury tents wedding venues for a five-star wedding, opposite the turquoise clear water, the sun is warm, the soft sand and palm trees at the foot provide a little shadow over the head.
This is the wedding package arranged at Stonehaven Bay.
Your wedding package does not include accommodation in the plantation beach villa, which has three
There are three bathrooms in the bedroom.
Additional accommodation: a week\'s rent will cost you £ 235 or $1,859. 15 USD.
packages include wedding, bridal bouquet, two-
Premium wedding cakes, photos and champagne are all priced at $767. 75 USD.
China\'s Great Wall Kempinski hotel group, next to the stone section of the Great Wall of China, offers wedding packages on the roof of the commune, followed by a club reception that can accommodate up to 500 guests.
However, you can hold a smaller reception in a villa belonging to the commune.
In addition to the cost of traveling to Beijing, and then the 50 km internal trip from Beijing to Shiguan, the accommodation fee, including breakfast, is 248 per person per night, equivalent to $373. 53 USD.
The wedding package costs £ 134, or $201 per person. 87 USD.
IHG Hong Kong International Airport has 430 pounds, equivalent to $27,756.
$34 to cover the top
Among the top ten luxury wedding venues for a five-star wedding, in addition to the president\'s suite at IHG, where can you get married?
This is just to rent a wedding location;
Additional accommodation is available.
You will also be charged an extra 13% tax!
However, if you can afford the presidential suite, you will understand why this place is considered the most luxurious place in Asia in the luxurious surroundings around you.
Four Seasons Hotel New York if you choose to exchange vows at Four Seasons Hotel, the highest hotel in Manhattan, located on 57th Street east of New York, you can enjoy free suites overlooking Central Park.
Your wedding will take place in the Metropolitan Suite, after which you can celebrate with a cocktail, although a full set of wedding receptions is available as an additional option.
Your wedding package will include a complimentary bottle of Veuve Clicquot and delicious chocolate-
Strawberry: very decadent!
Flights and private transfers from the UK will cost £ 910 or $2,875 per person.
For $25, two people stay in a deluxe double room for 7 nights.
The wedding package is subject to tax, but it costs about £ 236, or $. 36 USD.
This beautiful location, with impressive limestone walls and luxurious gardens, is the place for you to spend a very special day.
The exclusive right to use this castle, you can pay about $903. 79 USD.
At Rushen Castle, there are 130 guests who can attend your wedding celebration and celebrate with you.
The grounds of this original 13th-century castle will be an ideal place to take some very lovely photos with beautiful views and good-kept gardens.
Man Island in the North-
The West Coast of the mainland of England, the Irish Sea, is composed of 221 square miles for guests to explore.
You can fly from various British airports to Mando, or you can drive from Liverpool or port haimsham: the catamaran will take you 2 hours and the traditional car ferry from Liverpool will take about 4 hours.
The history of Portugal\'s Bussaco National Park Mata do Bucao related to Portugal\'s Mata do Bucao makes this particularly interesting in all the top ten luxury wedding venues for five-star weddings.
It is difficult to find the most appropriate words to fully describe this microcosm of Portuguese architecture: language cannot be expressed fairly!
D. ©Cor is real, hovering between luxury and luxury, and depicts a fairy tale atmosphere mixed with the Gothic past.
Perhaps this will begin to describe to you some of the most lovely and puzzling mysteries of this all wedding venue?
This amazing location can be puzzling cute and double ethereal, but there is nothing ethereal about the gourmet cuisine of delicious dishes. Guests can\'t help but at the restaurant in Marta dubukau
This delightful restaurant offers a range of well-prepared dishes, from Portguese region to classic French cuisine.
Do you have enough enthusiasm to consider this very unique location as the venue for your wedding celebration?
La Preghiera in Umbria, Italy for the last appearance of the top 10 luxury wedding venues for our 5 star wedding, I included the luxury sitting in the rolling mountains of Umbria
Here you can exchange your vows online
Website private Church, originally a Roman temple, and arrange to take your official photos in the lush landscaped garden around this beautiful house.
Each bedroom is beautifully decorated and comfortable, with a maximum of 22 guests and ample accommodation.
Renting this fairytale setting in romantic Umbria will cost you 286. 28, or $10,990. 68USD.
This offers you and your wedding party the opportunity to use La Preghiera exclusively for a long weekend. e.
The entire bride and groom party has 3 nights and 22 guests.
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