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top 10 tips for wedding decorations -

by:COSCO     2020-06-12
Wedding decorations of your choice, mehendi, sangeet party, wedding day, mandapu, tilak and kalash can add a lot to the overall look and feel of the wedding venue.
There are a variety of wedding decorating ideas that you can choose from and it\'s a good idea to sit with your friends and relatives and discuss these aspects so you can do some brainstorming.
No matter what kind of decoration and wedding decoration you choose, some suggestions that will help you to consider have been listed. 1.
The choice of wedding decorations should be appropriate.
Just white flowers may not be the best option for Indian weddings as it is considered a color of mourning.
Wedding Colors in India include red, chestnut, bright orange, pink, green and shades of these colors. 2.
Choose a color scheme for each event and stick to all wedding decorations completed on the day.
Therefore, if you choose a red flower in the decoration of the wedding day, the color of the Flower should not conflict with the tablecloth or the central decoration. 3.
If you choose a wedding decoration decorated with flowers, then you may need to make sure that the flowers are fresh at the beginning of the party.
Withered flowers will really spoil the look of the whole place, even if the flowers you choose are the most delicate.
On this issue, the supplier should be given specific guidance so that he will not pour his old rotten flowers on the ground of your wedding ceremony. 4.
The use of traditional flowers like golden marigold flowers and roses seems to be out of date, but these flowers will never go wrong. 5.
Although flowers can be the mainstay of all wedding decorations, think about other traditional things like diyas s, scented candles, wind chimes, bells, ribbons and satin to make the wedding venue look beautiful. 6.
Rangoli is another way you can show the race of wedding decorations by making a colorful wedding ornament at the entrance. 7.
Don\'t forget to pay special attention to the lighting being planned in the wedding hall or wedding venue.
This is because if the lighting is not done in a way that highlights the look, all wedding decorations may turn out to be gone. 8.
Mandala should be decorated in the main color that attracts attention.
After all, this is the canopy where you are going to get married.
Use eye-catching colors such as gold and red, orange and silver, pink and green, or any eye-catching combination you like. 9.
If you particularly like the Western style, use pastel colors and mesh curtains and carnations at the wedding reception, which is also relevant and appropriate. 10.
Please keep an eye out for wedding expenses when you decide on various wedding decoration options.
List all the features and events you need to decorate and then continue to allocate costs for each feature and event, starting with Mandala decor, which mehendi decor has to do, if you are under budget, you can even do it yourself.
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