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top 5 themes used to decorate indian wedding mandaps

by:COSCO     2020-06-15
At any Indian wedding, the central focus of the wedding is always on the wedding mandala.
It is considered the most pious place in any wedding hall.
Therefore, Mandala should always get the best decoration so that it can attract the attention of the guests more.
The Mandala decorations, both indoors and outdoors, must be done in a gorgeous way to make your special day more special.
Not every mandala is decorated the same way.
Each mandala is decorated in a unique way, suitable for the entire wedding decoration theme.
Mantra decoration theme: floral theme: Flowers are the most important demand for any wedding.
The picture of the flowers is what you will think when you think of the marriage decoration!
On your special day, there are no flowers to restore your mood and keep you fresh.
Almost every wedding mandala needs a touch of flower decoration.
The roses and chrysanthemums are beautifully decorated with the entire mandala.
In addition, there are flower chandeliers on the mandala.
If the budget for the wedding is quite high, you will usually decorate your pocket with imported flowers such as orchids and lilies.
Curtain theme: fugente billowing curtains are used together with mandala as a skylight to illuminate the ceiling of the wedding hall.
This is one of the most commonly used wedding themes of the day.
Use suitable decorative fabrics to make curtains for the decoration of mandala.
Each wedding theme has its own color and the curtains will be selected accordingly.
In most cases you will find a string of lights on the curtains to make it look more charming!
Decorative board theme: you can choose the amazing decorative board instead of the simple decoration of the wedding mandala with flowers and garlands.
These decorative boards match the right amount of floral decor to bring a different scent to your wedding!
Decorative panels look much more elegant than simple floral decorations used for unknown days.
Poolside theme: why not move the entire mandala next to the exotic pool instead of the usual and cliché wedding mandala of old times?
You can decorate the mandala with vibrant lights to match the atmosphere of the wedding.
To spice up your special day, the entire poolside should look gorgeous with all kinds of lights!
Country cabin theme: If you are looking for a vintage style wedding, then this is undoubtedly your best Mandala decor theme.
In this theme, the entire mandala is placed in a cabin.
Because the theme is rustic, the color usually chosen is yellow or brown.
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While the wedding hall in Bangalore may be Gardenia or Leela Palace, on the most special day of your life, melted flowers will never live up to your expectations!
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