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traditional nigerian wedding planning checklist: nigerian traditional wedding brides checklist

by:COSCO     2020-06-05
There is a big problem with your Prince Charming-would you like to marry me? . .
You promised.
He wears a beautiful ring on your finger, you are his fiance©E. What\'s next.
Planning a wedding is a daunting task considering traditional weddings and after parties, especially in Nigeria.
Even if the lovely wedding date has not been confirmed, there is no more perfect time than it is now.
There is a list that makes the process easier and there is no pressure, so let\'s take a look at the bride list.
It is important to announce your changed status to your close friends and family so that they can share your happiness.
It also keeps other wandering bachelors away, reducing the temptation to wander.
Your Groom, by officially soliciting the consent of your parents, also plays an important role in the announcement.
The process is not complicated, especially if your parent is told about his official visit.
The groom can set a specific date to come with his friends and a senior family member.
The introduction was informal and in a friendly atmosphere he stated his intention.
This informal introduction should be
Don\'t be confused with traditional introductions because it\'s a completely different game.
Traditional participation is capital intensive and follows strict guidelines and rules while involving two families.
Wedding dates are the most important aspect of any wedding in order for proper planning.
When the day is fixed, the next step is where you choose.
The size of the venue depends on the number of guests you invite;
The more guests, the greater the venue.
The bigger the venue, the more money you need to accommodate your wellwishers.
Once both families have agreed to the date and the venue has been booked, the next step is the invitation card.
Generally speaking, it is better to send out invitations at least one month before the wedding.
Any time in advance, your guests may forget the date, in advance, which may cause inconvenience to some guests.
The invitation card is the color scheme of the bride and groom\'s name, last name, RSVP, wedding location, date, time and day.
According to the British ethnic groups, understand the traditional wedding etiquette, the traditional ceremony is different, and the way of execution is different.
The bride should help the groom understand the requirements or the groom can hire a professional to guide him.
Traditional activities include bride price, list of items, certain dress and manners and other requirements.
Having a list can reduce the pressure to complete the traditional aspect.
What kind of wedding do you want?
The three main ethnic groups in Nigeria have three main marriage ceremonies acceptable to the government.
Religious Union such as traditional marriage, traditional marriage and Christian/Muslim wedding.
The bride and groom should decide which wedding they want.
They can decide on traditional engagement and church weddings or traditional unions in the government registry.
These important decisions were not left to the couple, but were approved by the family.
Other important considerations include the duration of the wedding, such as the number of days between the engagement and the wedding.
The most practical solution is engagement and wedding day.
The engagement time is quite long, so put the engagement time after the church or the registry. Aso-
There is no uniform Aso ebi for the materials chosen by the bride and groom, and the ebi and white weddings are incomplete.
The Aso ebi material is usually a wax printing material made up of beautiful designs.
Depending on the couple\'s choice, there may be a single or two-color theme for this material.
They can be monogram, bright or multi-colored materials.
This material can also be woven, tie and dye or any fabric of their choice.
Most of the materials selected for the wedding are affordable and provided by the bride to family and friends (at a cost).
The color may not necessarily be the same as the family of groom, but the couple-
Wear the same outfit and color scheme.
The bride\'s design should be very careful and meticulous as it is her day and she should be charming and shiny.
It matches a wedding dress where the bride can be new, used or sown.
The new dress is expensive and should be given due consideration to the financial situation and he can buy a suit or tuxedo if the groom is willing to attend a white wedding.
Traditional engagement also requires local accessories such as beads, bracelets and hair clips.
Wedding check 1 announces a change in status 2 there is an informal introduction between the two families 3 decide which wedding invitation card cards8 you want to buy a dress/dress step 9 There are catering service staff to organize food and drinks, hiring a DJ/live band 10 Be religion compli11 the groom family should work on the bride price and engagement list you will have a traditional engagement or civil wedding for your guests.
Entertainment is required, so food, drinks, venue, entertainment and music are available.
The choice of music depends on your budget and the choice of a DJ or live band.
It is best to give the food to the professional catering staff and the usher to relieve your stress.
Make a list of the types of food you would like to serve your guests and ask the caterer for advice.
The number of guests you invite will determine how much you spend on drinks and food.
Religious weddings consider religious weddings, such as church weddings and Muslim weddings, depending on the availability of churches, pastors or pastors.
All the provisions have been met and the saint has agreed to a clear date.
Some church weddings require a couple\'s consultation, active, membership, and fees including medical tests.
Different religious organizations have different requirements, so make sure everything is OK.
Bride prices and engagement lists and bride prices depend on the couple\'s race.
Some ethnic minorities in Nigeria have zero gifts, but the engagement list is high.
The price of the bride price of other ethnic groups is opposite, and the number of engagement is moderate.
The bride\'s family provided the engagement list before the engagement ceremony.
The family of Groom foods should start buying the items listed on the list as early as possible and leave perishable items to the day of the event.
Buying listed items in advance reduces the cost for a period of time than buying all items at a time.
The Nigerian wedding involves the whole family and friends, and the wedding will go smoothly if arranged properly.
Planning ahead and expanding cash inputs over a period of time helps reduce costs.
You can search for items at discounts and promotional prices to reduce the heavy cost of your wedding.
Once the wedding date is set, good luck and happy married life, don\'t forget to use your list.
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