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Travel Information For Visit to Rome

by:COSCO     2019-08-17
Rome may be more than many other cities in the world. it is a city that combines old and new. it is a city that shows off its history.
It is a city full of energy and breath (always crowded, dirty, noisy, a little rough on the edges ).
It is also beautiful and the narrow streets are very romantic and magical, so despite its shortcomings. 1. Colosseum2. The Pantheon3. Roman Forum4.
Trevi Fountain 5.
Piazza Navona korosom is also known as the Flavian Amphitheater, because the Eiffel Tower is equivalent to Paris and the Flavian Amphitheater is equivalent to Rome.
The Colosseum is the largest building left to us by the Roman ruins, which provides a model for the stadium, and now
The day football arena was designed in this Oval Roman arrangement.
The Pantheon was a former Roman temple, but it is now a church.
It was done by the ruler, Hadrian, and about 126 ads were posted.
The development date of the Pantheon is questionable, as Hadrian decided not to stamp the new sanctuary, but to keep the engraving of the more mature sanctuary of Agrippa, which has been burned to the groundIt is an all-
Surrounding the landmarks of Roman artifacts, it is surprisingly perfect in the history of 2000.
The Roman Forum, also known as the Roman Forum, is a rectangular forum consisting of remnants of some of the old government agencies of the Roman city coordination center.
Locals in the old town refer to the space as a business center, that is, Magnan who gathers, or just discuss.
For quite some time, it was at the center of everyday life in Rome: the location of the victory parade and competition, the setting of the open address, the wrestling contest, and the heart of business activities.
Trevi Fountain is a fountain in the Trevi area of Rome, Italy. it is planned by Italian draftsman Nicolas Savi and completed by Giuseppe Penini.
It is the largest gorgeous spring eye in the city and one of the most famous fountains on Earth.
The fountain appears in most notable movies, including Federico Fellini\'s sweet life.
The revival of water Virgo is one of the reservoir pipes that provide water for old Rome.
Piazza Navona is a square in Rome, located at the site of the domiti Arena, on the first
Century Advertising, the pursuit of the type of open space arena.
The ancient Romans went there to watch the ancient incense, so it was called \"Bazaar agres \".
It is trustworthy that after a period of time, the name was changed from avone to Navone, and in the long run, to Navona.
It was used for medieval celebrations and pony races and was modified by Borromini in a refined style, and Borromini also planned awesome arrangements for the royal residence and congregation, on the west side of it.
So far, in short, we have discussed where you have to visit during your trip to Rome, and we will also be here to tell you what to do in Rome.
When arranging your trip to Rome, you may want to know what to do in Rome.
So give you the best things in Rome here.
Rome is not only the most experienced city in the world, but also the best city in the world.
A place where you can really walk its remainsthousand-year-old history. 1.
Walk into San Stefano Rodondo, the first circular church in rome2. Visit Three-
The layered complex of St. Clement\'s cathedral dates back to 64 AD3.
See the magical illusion of St. Peter\'s dome4.
Stroll through the hot springs of caracalla5 baths.
Walking along the oldest and longest roads in Rome, this article through Appia AnticaThis constitutes 7 ways for hiking to be good for your health.
In addition, it also tells the general benefits of hiking.
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