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tropical flower arrangements for weddings

by:COSCO     2020-07-20
Would you like to add some exotic colors to your wedding decor?
Tropical flowers may be the choice of colorful, vibrant floral arrangements.
Modern brides are becoming more aggressive and willing to try their wedding decorations.
The days of roses and lilies being the only choice for wedding decorations have passed.
Today, you have countless choices in the color, size and fragrance of the flowers.
Due to the bold colors and different sizes of these flowers, the arrangement of tropical flowers for the wedding is slowly becoming popular.
Here are some tips on how to make wedding arrangements with tropical flowers.
Tropical flowers are the best for informal outdoor weddings.
If you choose a Hawaiian wedding or a beach tents wedding, these beautiful flowers can be easily used for a variety of decorations.
decor in autumn and summer can also look great and the colors are bright.
Throughout the wedding decoration, you can use tropical flowers anywhere.
It can be used to make beautiful bridal hair ornaments or outstanding altar decorations.
Huang Furong: this is the national flower of Hawaii.
You can tie these big flowers together to decorate the altar.
A flower tied with a ribbon is enough to meet the needs of the wedding.
However, they are not suitable for table decoration or central pieces due to their size.
Yellow ilima: this is a smaller version of yellow Furong.
It can be used for almost any floral decoration.
If White is the theme of your wedding, then the lovely yellow looks absolutely amazing.
These beautiful flowers also look great when combined with purple or lavender flowers.
Can also be used for bridal hair accessories.
However, it may not be easy for you to find these tropical flowers.
Golden omelette flowers: these exotic flowers are decorated with bright golden colors and offer a very different look.
The bridal bouquet looks beautiful.
They are easier to use and you can decorate your hair with them.
These flowers can be used as a beautifully decorated center.
This is another tropical flower native to the Big Island.
It has bright colors of red, orange, yellow and white.
These flowers are arranged with suitable green plants to make wonderful floral arrangements.
Add some small kukui flowers as filler in this flower arrangement.
Orchid: considered the king of tropical flowers.
They come in a variety of colors, such as pink, purple and white.
Purple Orchid is the most common orchid variety.
They symbolize love and romance, so it is reasonable to use them in wedding decorations.
They look equally stunning on bridal bouquets and center decorations.
Jian Lan: this is a big flower with a long handle.
The perfect round flower of sword orchid makes it the favorite of flower arrangement.
It has several dazzling colors such as pink, white, yellow, orange, red, burgundy, etc.
Simply tie a bouquet of this with satin ribbons or tulle to make it the perfect bridal bouquet for a summer wedding.
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