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virtual reality in architectural design

by:COSCO     2020-07-05
Professionals in the architectural design department have used a set of established 3D design and visualization software tools as embedded parts of their overall architectural design process, workflow and design output.
And computers that use these 3D tools for 3D building modeling, walkthrough, and 3D building rendering or reality-
A few years ago, the introduction of BIM encouraged further absorption of 3D modeling tools in the field of architectural design.
However, despite the many benefits of BIM, it does have its limitations.
First of all, architects or designers cannot be completely immersed in the design of traditional 3D models.
Secondly, the biggest challenge, to some extent, is that end customers cannot quickly understand 2D drawings or building drawings, and they also have a hard time visualizing the final design solution, even with 3D images and 3D walkthrough.
3D models and BIM models also do not allow customers to truly understand spatial relationships, as images and drills rendered in 3D often provide third-party, eye-level views of spatial relationships that are difficult to understand.
Virtual reality (VR)
During construction, it began to bridge some of the gaps highlighted above.
Ability to experience self
Just a few years ago, controlled routes or journeys and experiences were limited to the game in the proposed environment.
Being able to put architectural design or a range of concepts into such an immersive environment starts to offer many benefits that are otherwise not possible, also known as VR in architecture.
The rest of this article involves design team members (architects)
There are also customers or end customers.
Consider the architect first, and while the architect has been comfortable enough in the past, his 3D roaming and 3D eyes --
Horizontal images, immersed in their own design, the potential to be able to make constant changes is a step forward.
While virtual reality has until recently felt like a separate experience, design and design reviews are a more collaborative experience, so when combining virtual reality with architectural design, it
Ability to mark-
Suggest changes to the model, especially when other users appear in your model, which opens up a whole new area of opportunity for the architect.
For example, it is possible to choose to change the lighting or direction of a building on a given plot and appreciate this change in a 3D environment, which allows immediate feedback and a common experience, resulting in effective design iterations.
The use of virtual reality in architecture will also help architects and his team understand the structure, availability and applicability of certain areas that can also be improved in design.
For customers and customers, the ability to move in a 3D environment is much more realistic because it makes them feel like they are standing inside a building rather than looking from a distance.
Most customers don\'t worry too much about the aesthetic appearance of the details, they will be more concerned and will get more benefits and appreciation for the realism of the space provided by VR.
From the designer\'s point of view, being able to use virtual reality with customers will ensure direct feedback based on practical experience, and design problems may not appear until a long time later and can be ironed.
In both cases, using virtual reality in the design process is a way to achieve a purchase
In the design team or from the client.
In order to achieve this purchase
In, regular and immediate feedback is required when designing an update.
This means that the challenge of virtual reality is to provide immediate and real
Introduce BIM into VR and return to BIM functions.
It would be useless if the architect made his version of the BIM model, waited for a third party to create the VR model, and then looked at the VR model. By then, a new model may have been created or important updates have been added to previous models.
In essence, BIM and VR need to have an immediate mutual feedback to maximize the availability and effectiveness of building design.
However, there are indeed some restrictions on instant BIM to VR at the moment, which are mainly hardware and software related.
The cost of HMDs (
Head Mounted Display is)
Every year, the hardware cost of running virtual reality models is still quite high compared to the cost and specifications of CAD machines.
First, it\'s getting easier to create a virtual reality model.
While game engines like Unreal engines have been used to convert BIM models, a new BIM-to-video application is now being developed.
Our goal is to provide instant VR availability.
Many of them are recent, however, and are therefore at an early stage in development.
Autodesk Live is one of Revit for BIM applications.
It is cloud-driven, easy to use and compatible with BIM and VR.
It allows users to bring Revit models into virtual reality space quickly and easily.
Other tools include Iris VR and inscape, including real-
Using Revit\'s time visualization tool also has its own advantages and disadvantages.
In terms of adopting VR in architecture, it is clear that customer needs have driven the development of the industry.
The ability to bring 3D design into a virtual reality environment and the collaborative development of the design from this point on is still in its infancy.
However, as the collaboration with the extended design team has been effective so far, using VR technology can not only improve this collaboration, but also allow customers to comment on the design, so as to avoid Design accidents during the construction phase.
As an experienced design partner, xs cad will continue to create BIM models that are compatible with VR models.
Xs cad is also able to provide virtual reality modeling support to customers in home building, retail and engineering, leveraging its extensive modeling and BIM support in these industries, provide solutions that meet the current situation of VR technology in VR industry.
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