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vs. vs. Taylor Swift: Who Won Pop Culture Thunderdome?

by:COSCO     2019-08-13
As a result, the world\'s largest film series, the world\'s largest TV show and the world\'s largest music artist have chosen the same weekend to release their biggest movie ever. . .
Which one do you care most about? Last weekend, the God of pop culture gave us a lot of gifts, and readers gave us a lot of gifts. we were emotionally, physically and practically exhausted. The all-
The premiere of The Avengers: ending kicked off the entertainment offensive, a feat of 10 years in film production.
Then Taylor Swift came over with the help of Panic!
At The Disco\'s Brendon Urie, her first single \"Me\" in two years!
\"On the same day.
Think of the infinite stone gloves thrown out. . .
In addition to another contender for popular culture dialogue dominance: HBO\'s Game of Thrones, which airedand TV\'s)
Sunday night\'s biggest ever episode featuring a long length
The final season of the long-awaited battle of Winterfellas will be home. stretch.
Christmas Swiftmas came very early, considering that your birthday has passed, because really, there is no better than this;
It\'s hard to focus on social media, trying to evenly distribute our attention between all records --
Broken version.
How can Monday not be considered a national holiday in order to give people proper and proper time to decompress?
But in reality, between the Game of Thrones, The Avengers: The End, and Swift, pop culture giants will stand out in a battle of entertainment Royal, the battle will finally be revealed when the long night is finally over, \"I! \" became E!
Let\'s not do this before we\'re fully engaged: Spoiler Warning!
Here\'s a lot of spoilers about the end of the Avengers: The end of the long night and the Thrace game.
\"If you are one of the 14 million people who has not yet seen the ending or forgot to adapt to the battle of Winterfell, leave here quickly as we will reveal the main plot points in two ways.
Avengers: Final versionUp: 10 years. 22 films.
It\'s all for this. . .
Marvel film studio owner Kevin figer was at the helm of \"a real fan\" who supported the film adventure of \"Iron Manas\" whenalmost-
Robert Downey Jr.
As its star, the development of MCU began as early as 2008.
In an interview with Vanity Fair, Figg said: \"People forget that Mann is an independent film . \"
But even so, he has an idea that will eventually set everything up: add a post
Easter egg: Samuel L. Jackson as S. H. I. E. L. D.
Director Nick Furrey, behind the scenes of The Avengers.
After the amazing success of Iron Man, Disney bought Marvel in 2009, paving the way for a billion people
Dollar franchise.
The biggest struggle in Feige\'s early days was to get the actor to work on his vision for a long time, telling Vanity Fair, waiting for Chris Evans to agree to six
Picture trading is one of the most nerve trading
The painful experience of his career
But once Evans and one
Signed by Chris Hemsworth (
As captain of the US team and Thor respectively)
His final Avengers plan really started because he had three main players coming together. And Thanos (
Played by Josh Brolin)
This is the first generation of the ultimate big badass, first launched in The Avengers, paving the way for his infamous snapshot years later.
Back in 2017, Feige promised to eventually bring \"something you \'ve never seen in a superhero movie: the ending \".
\"He told Vanity Fair that there will be two different periods.
Everything before and after the Avengers 4.
I know it\'s not the way people expect it.
\"Feige did not lie, and with the end of the infinite war, half of the population, including major superheroes like spiders, was wiped out --
Man, Panther, strange Doctor, Peter quire, and so on, heard \"travel around the world and let the audience eat on popcorn\" in an instant\"
The floor of the theater is scattered.
The rest is the first six Avengers, one ready. hyped, long-
Waiting for the final task
Even before the dust settled, the ending was broken.
According to Fandango, sales records were set in just six hours.
We have never seen such a thing before.
This is a breakthrough achievement.
As fans can\'t wait to see how this epic saga ends, \"Eric Davis, general manager of Van Dango, told EW at the time.
But no one knows what a huge ending it will have after its launch in April 26.
Record: The box office is believed to be completely cut.
Like socovia after the Battle of the Ultron era
The level of being extracted.
The world\'s first show is expected to reach $1.
2 billion, Endgame is the first film in history to hit a benchmark of over $1 billion on the premiere weekend.
Previous records-
Holder unlimited war, the total income in 2018 was only $0. 64 billion.
Put these crazy numbers in: complete the end of the infinite war in just five days
Record holder, 11 days production.
At home, it brought $0. 35 billion at the box office, a very sad new record, because the Avengers is the 2012 movie that really kicked off this era, this is the first movie ever to break the $0. 2 billion threshold.
$60 million of that was on Thursday night, which added its first-day gross (a record $156. 7 million).
It\'s hard to imagine that any upcoming movie will somehow approach those numbers, let alone beat them.
Consider this the end of an era.
A new beginning of melancholy. The Follow-
Up: \"You need an ending to a great story,\" Marvel studio owner Kevin Feige talks about ending at the global premiere of Hollywood Reporter.
\"You also need an ending for a new start.
\"Aside from two competitors, Endgame really feels like the end of the story for so many beloved characters. . .
And the end of a major era of MCU.
For the first time in a long time, the immediate future feels uncertain.
All we know is that as Marvel has officially confirmed their respective versions: Spider-
Man: July will be open far away from home, which will end the third phase of Marvel.
To Peter Parker (Tom Holland)
The devastating loss at the end of the game and his speedyet-
Emotional reunion with BFF can say for sure that we will definitely go through some post-
Capture post-traumatic stress with Spidey
However, the only other sequels confirmed are the Panthers 2 and Dr. Strange 2, as well as the guardians of the Galaxy roll.
Now director James Gunn has officially returned to the stars. Lord\'s ship.
Captain Marvel 2 is a given, right-leaning black widow prequel that has been announced before the end, and now we know why, given how Natasha Romanov\'s storyline is
But Phase 4 will introduce some major new characters into the mix, which makes sense because Marvel has the right to more than 7,000 characters: Fans can expect a business-Chi movie—
The first Marvel movie featuring Asia
In addition to eternity, there are Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani and Dong-
Seok Ma is reported to be in the film, which will further push the MCU into space.
In an interview with io9, Kevin Feige said that the fourth stage is the \"five-year\" plan that began in 2020, but he was hesitant to compare it with the previous breakthrough stage.
\"The slate we are building in the next five years [is]
\"Apple is not an apple,\" he said . \"
\"These are two very different things and I hope they will feel very different.
But there is also a similar mindset, that is, \"How do we continue to tell stories in a unique way, in a different way, with some of the characters that the audience has already known and loved, in an amazing way, we already have a lot of plans and ideas and have started working. Then]
\"How can we introduce new characters that even hardcore fans, comedy fans don\'t know or have barely heard.
This is also very exciting.
\"Given Disney\'s recent acquisition of Fox, X-Men (
Ryan Renault\'s dead pool)
And now in the mix, even though five
The annual plan was developed before the merger.
\"For us, this is much more detailed than [when and where]the X-Men will appear
\"Now, more is the comfort factor and how good they are going home,\" Feige told io9 . \".
\"They all came back.
But it will be a long time.
\"But the MCU officially expanded to a small screen in a major way after packaging --
Represented by ABC. H. I. E. L. D.
All of Netflix\'s Marvel series were canceled, including \"The Night Devil\" and \"Jessica Jones\".
Disney\'s new streaming platform, Disney, will be launched in November 2019, which will include some very familiar faces.
Anthony McKee and Sebastian Stein-
The Falcons and Winter Soldier series are scheduled in the frontcourt, while Loki (
Yes, attached by Tom Hiddleston)
AndWandaVision, starring Elizabeth Olsen, will be released in the second year.
Emotional Empathy: We know this is the end of the third phase.
We know that we are basically saying goodbye to the original six people.
But, man, we\'re not ready yet how emotional it will be.
Natasha sacrificed herself and saved the only family she knew.
Tony Stark, the man who once needed physical proof of his heart, died in order for others, including his little daughter and protester Peter, to live.
Steve signed his own way to become Captain America and lived the life he had always dreamed of with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell).
All of this is a bittersweet happy ending, and each character gets what they have always wanted in one way: family. Redemption. Love.
\"It seems to us that if she can get the Avengers back, her journey is over,\" screenwriter Stephen mcferley told the New York Times about Natasha\'s death . \".
\"She came from such an abuse, terrible, mind-
Control the background, so it\'s something she\'s willing to trade when she gets to wallmill and has a chance to get her family back.
\"As for Tony, who was first responsible for the whole Empire due to the iron man of 08, mcferley said,\" Everyone knows that Tony Stark will be over. . .
The slogan is, to finish this chapter, he starts this chapter.
\"After the filming, Tony continued to be with pepper and their daughter, and his happy ending lasted five years,\" said screenwriter Christopher Marcus, \"We have a chance to give him a perfect retirement. . .
This is a good death.
It doesn\'t feel like a tragedy.
It feels like a hero. it\'s the end of life.
Like Pepper said, he can rest now.
Finally, when it comes to ending the story of Cap, he always does that damn dance.
\"He postponed his life in order to perform his duties.
That\'s why I don\'t think we\'ll kill him . \"
\"Because it\'s not an arc.
I finally put my shield down because I deserve it.
\"The game throught
Up: The third episode of the last season, \"Long Night\", can easily become the most hyped episode of \"get;
The trailer for Season 8 was about the characters preparing for the war, breaking HBO\'s record.
It was released and in the first 24 hours it was viewed more than 80 million times on all platforms.
The trailer for the previous season kept the previous record, compared to a paltry 61 million views.
Then the whole TV.
Make history of all this;
Spectacular scenes to be staged by actors and staff.
Although the Game of Thrones has already staged impressive awards
Battle of Victory in the past (
\"Sup\", \"Battle of asshole \")
Director Miguel sabochnik admitted that the battle of Winterfell was on another level. The Emmy-
The winning director revealed in an interview with EW that he has been working for the episode, which aired in 82 minutes (
This is the longest time ever.
Since June 2017
\"I shot seven and a half months, about 130 days, longer than most of the big films that were made,\" he said . \".
\"So as far as the workload is concerned, it\'s already 6-and seven-day weeks, 16-to-
18 hours a day, yes, a lot.
\"On April 2018, 20 episodes of assistant director Jonathan Quinlan, including the Battle of Winterfell, shared a note written by the producer to the crew as the title of the post,\" it all said.
55 consecutive nights11 weeks. 3 locations.
You can\'t see anything like this anymore. \" (
He later deleted the post, probably after HBO\'s punishment. )
\"This is for the night dragon.
55 consecutive nights.
\"To endure the cold, the snow, the rain, the mud, the sheep shit of Toome and the wind of Magheramorne,\" the note reads . \".
\"From now on, tens of millions of people around the world are watching this episode. they don\'t know how hard you work.
They don\'t care how tired you are and how tired you are-
Freezing temperature.
They will understand that they are looking at things they have never done before.
That\'s because of you.
In the cover story of Entertainment Weekly about the battle, 750 people work in the countryside, and since temperatures typically hover below 30 degrees, some crew members \"walk 40,000 steps on pedometer every day \", liam Cunningham (Ser Davos)said. \"They\'rethe f--king heroes.
\"There is also all the extra income, and their daily income is usually around $100.
\"The actors in Northern Ireland are spectacular in terms of enthusiasm and the realism they bring,\" Showrunner David Benioff told the magazine . \".
\"They worked very hard during these crazy times.
You think back, the actors played such an important role in many of our scenes.
\"To be gentle, expectations are high.
\"What we\'re asking the production team and staff to really do this year has never been done on TV or in movies,\" United
Executive producer Brian Kirkman told EW.
Last Face
Between the Army of the dead and the Army of the living, this is unprecedented, ruthless, and even a mix of genres in battle.
There is a sequence in the sequence built in the sequence.
Although very tired, I think it will surprise everyone.
\"Record: although HBO hasn\'t revealed how many people have watched the show yet to see who is living out of the battle of Winterfell, twitter confirmed, \"Long Night\" is the most tweet ever about the script TV series. (
Of course, in the battle of Winterfell, the most tweets about the characters. )There were 7.
Article 8 million tweets about the April 28 episode easily surpassed the previous record holder: the eighth season premiere with more than 5 million tweets.
The eighth season of this year\'s premiere broke the ratings record for HBO and TV, the largest TV show in the history of the network, and the most-
So far, watching the script entertainment show of 2019, it is likely that \"Long Nights\" will also stick to this record at a sharp end.
Emotional Empathy: The biggest advantage of HBO\'s hit is its location: Sunday night, which means, just because these reactions are still so original and fresh, it has the best chance of taking up the headlines on Monday.
Considering it\'s basically 82-
Minute anxiety attacks, fully capturing the chaos and fanatic energy of an actual battle, the emotional weight of the battle of Winterfell actually concentrated more in the previous episode, the Knights of the Seven Kingdoms, play almost as long as character research
Long awaited reunion, revealed and linkedups.
\"This episode is really a love letter to characters,\" writer Brian cokman said in Time magazine . \".
When fans prepare for the death of many beloved characters, most of our heroes (and anti-heroes)
Out of the great war alive. The fallen Fan-
Favorite (Bella Ramsey)
She took a night King giant, Jorah Mormont, on her way out (Iain Glen)
To die for his beloved Danni;
And Sean Greyjoy (Alfie Allen)
When he defended Bran, his arc of redemption had been completed (
Isaac Hempstead Wright)
Until the end.
We also said goodbye to Melissa Sandy.
Carice van Houten)
Up to Rio (Richard Dormer), Edd Tollett (Ben Crompton)
And the King tonight. (
Oh, and all the DOTHRAKI, WTF! )
However, their deaths, though sad, did not really change the political game of going to the last war against Cersei (Lena Headey).
All the major players are still on the board, a surprising move by producers who have shown complete lack of restraint in the past in killing the overall character.
We have never considered the Avengers: The end will be more brutal than this weekend.
So, yes, we expect the last three episodes to start playing many swan songs for some of the original players in the series.
Hit us when we were most unexpected: calm after the cold storm.
Taylor Swift buildingUp: She\'s ba-aaack. . .
She\'s everywhere and that\'s exactly where we want her, thank you so much.
Ironically, Swift may have opened up this new era in her old days, and fans have noticed an important reminder --
She sang \"The end of the game\" in a duet with Ed Sheeran, about 2017 reputation: \"reputation before me \".
Her new single, \"me!
\"But before finally giving up the song and accompanying music videos in April 26, Swift officially started teasing a big announcement on April 13, posting a countdown clock on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, there is also a new pastel color palette.
\"Walk into the day, let go\", the last article Swift wrote in her Elle article, implying what will happen next;
Shortly after the launch of the countdown clock, Swift began releasing whimsical photos of palm trees, bicycles, flowers and rainbows, in contrast to the dark and discordant atmosphere she adopted for the era of cloud computing
In the March, Swift actually teased about the upcoming countdown and wrote in her Elle article, \"I\'m counting down on what I\'m excited about.
When I go through darkness, low tide, I always find a little comfort and hope in getting the countdown app (they\'re free)
And add what I\'m looking forward.
\"There will be good things happening for the people waiting, and Swift continues to post previews on her social media account, even posting her own Instagram file for the first time in the days before the disclosure.
Swift himself liked all the speculation and later told Robin Roberts, \"I can\'t believe how attentive and thoughtful they are.
I can\'t believe how much they care.
So it\'s more fun for me to create music, create videos because I know they care about Easter eggs, clues or tips.
It\'s great for people who care.
\"Before a new song was released, Swift appeared in Nashville to greet hundreds of fans and they found that she commissioned a butterfly mural created by interactive street artist Montagu.
The artist has the word \"I!
\"Written in the middle, Swift says there are important clues.
Then that night she made fun of an appearance on ABC, which will reveal another thread.
Swift then broadcast live on the NFL draft on 2019, in an interview with Good Morning America\'s Robin Roberts, officially confirming that the new music is coming, starting with \"me!
Brendon Urie At The Disco.
\"It\'s always there,\" Taylor said of many, many hints . \".
\"It becomes more interesting over time.
Record: colorful Easter eggs-
The music video of the much-anticipated single broke some of YouTube\'s records, and Swift now has all
Time leading female and solo 24-
Time to play any music video on the platform debut.
On the first day of the video, an average of 4 million views per hour.
Swift has set up a new 24-
Hours Vevo recording, no more than 65.
2 million views, Bi Ariana Grande\'s \"Thank you, next\" kept the previous record for 59 million times. (
Swift now occupies three positions on the top five list of the largest audience in the Vevo 24 hours. )
Of course, let Swift have her record --
Breaking view count adds up to her lucky number: 13, and fans also speculate that this will be the name of the album.
On Amazon, \"I!
\"Broke two records of most first day streams and on-
Alexa requires voice requests than any other single debut. The Follow-Up: The 29-year-
Old has just started using # ts7.
Next, Swift will host the 2019 Billboard Music Award in Las Vegas on May 1 for the first live performance of a new single, with Urie on stage with her.
Like fans of GOT, Swift is still anxiously waiting for Swift\'s official confirmation of the album name and release date and the title of the next single, this is also hidden somewhere in \"me! \" music video.
With the advent of the screen, theory is overturned and Twitter
Grab from the music video.
She is very happy to encourage the efforts of her fans.
Emotional Empathy: when she was close to 30 in December, Swift was ready to say goodbye to the past, and at the beginning of \"I\", the infamous snake that symbolizes her era of fame really turned into a butterfly! \" music video.
For Swift, the song is about finally revealing her true self to the world, to the flaws and everything. \"ME!
\"This is a song about embracing your personality, really celebrating and having it! \" Swift told Robin Roberts ! \"! \"\'s meaning.
\"I think with a pop song we have the ability to keep a melody in people\'s minds, and I just hope it makes people feel better about themselves, not worse
Winner of the pop culture Thunder House award: it\'s a cop-out to say WE!
Whether or not the winner of this epic showdown will come, it is hard to imagine another time, in the main three consecutive wins of popular culture, that number of records will appear --
Movies, TV and music
Will be broken again.
Oh, you really want us to be the ultimate winner, OK, OK: Although there are three more episodes to go with egotstill, Swift has just started this # TS7 tour, this is the Avengers: it was so wonderful and historic to finish 10 years of story telling. Respect must (and deserves)to be paid.
It\'s hard to imagine any movie coming near the crazy endingin-the-membrane $1. 2 billion haul.
But it\'s worth remembering that Game of Thrones is likely to be the last cheer to make an appointment for TV as the streaming service continues to change the gamean-entire-season-at-once strategy.
What other artists besides swift can keep this mysteriousout roll-out game plan. . .
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